Global Online Content Consumption Doubled In 2020


I happened to see my wife’s screen time analytics on her phone recently. She’s spending an average of almost seven hours a day on her phone.

And she’s not alone.

Global online content consumption is soaring in 2020, a new study of over 10,000 people in five countries says. The previous normal was just over three hours, but now my wife is — at least in this respect — completely and totally average. Average daily time spent consuming content is now six hours and 59 minutes, which includes phone, TV, and other forms of digital media.

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The obvious question: if that’s average, how much screen time are the outliers getting?

Clearly, eight, nine, even ten hours a day. In fact, as a different study I covered a month ago says, the average person spends a quarter of his or her waking time on their mobile device, and in some countries like Indonesia, it jumps to six hours a day.

A lot of the surge is attributable to global lockdowns thanks to Coronavirus, of course.

Some of the biggest “beneficiaries” of the increase are connected TV option like Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and Disney+, with 44% of all consumers using CTV devices more.

“Overall, YouTube has seen the greatest increased interest, with 43% of consumers spending more time on the platform,” says DoubleVerify, the company behind the study. “Meanwhile, TikTok has seen the highest growth across the 18-24 demographic.”

Interestingly, President Trump’s recent crusade against Tiktok was actually good for the platform, according to data from App Annie: weekly active users in the U.S grew from 52.1 million in mid-August to 53.5