How IBM Partners with SimpleCloud for Next-Gen Efficiency


Strategic partner programs have been around the tech industry for decades, and typically involve regional-specific or industry-focused resellers and specialist firms with close ties to their business clients. The results can be good for all involved, providing end customers valuable services and solutions, and building sustainable commercial relationships for both IT vendors and their partners.

The evolution of public cloud computing is delivering new options and opportunities for partner programs, especially among IT vendors that are managing their own cloud platforms and services. IBM Cloud has been especially active in this regard, so it’s worth considering how the company’s service offerings are being leveraged by strategic partners and their customers. Here is how one IBM Cloud partner, SimpleCloud, is making the relationship work.

SimpleCloud and IBM Cloud

SimpleCloud is owned and operated by Summus Render, a Madrid-based company that provides Render-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions to digital animators and studios, engineering and design firms and universities via its Data Processing Center (CPD) infrastructure. The company’s solutions include dedicated render farms, supervised render (for specialized applications) and low-cost render services for Maya and 3DS Max.

SimpleCloud is designed to deliver workstation-class virtual desktop solutions that can be easily and securely accessed from any location on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and thin clients. SimpleCloud is hosted by IBM Cloud on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and also utilizes VMware Workstation for endpoint management and IBM Aspera for high-speed file and data sharing.

IBM and SimpleCloud are ideal partners for technical, economic and professional reasons. IBM Cloud operates more than 60 data centers worldwide, offering virtually unlimited global reach. Additionally, IBM Cloud enables SimpleCloud services to be flexibly configured, easily deployed and quickly scaled up or down to meet its customers’ requirements. Finally, IBM is well-known and respected globally, across many