Sino Global +18% on joining hands with Tianjin to provide Hi-tech and info-based services to customers (NASDAQ:SINO)


Sino-Global Shipping America (NASDAQ:SINO) signs a joint venture MOU with Tianjin Anboweiye Technology.

The newly formed joint venture will help Sino-Global to build up its Hi-Tech and Information-based logistic services enhance to meet the higher and complicate demand of customers.

“Different from the traditional logistic services, the current logistic industry has derived a new demand, the globalized and intelligent logistics services which is relying on the development of science and technology with the help of bid data, logistic network, artificial intelligence and blockchain infrastructure, etc. We believe with the joining of our partner, EMB, the qualified and industrial leading technology company, we are able to offer our customers with upgraded and value-added logistic services.” says CEO, Mr. Lei Cao.

Shares +18% pre-market

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