Smule Integrates with the Snap Camera to Empower Music Creators with AR Lenses


Smule’s AutoRap goes live with Lenses, powered by the Snap Camera, bringing Snap’s AR innovations to Smule’s music-first community

​Smule​ Inc., the global leader in interactive music creation, today ​announced its integration with Snap to bring imaging and augmented reality (AR) capabilities directly into the Smule app ecosystem, starting with hip-hop music app AutoRap. Smule has integrated Lenses, powered by Snap Camera Kit,​ showcasing the potential of AR to create even more engaging musical performances through dynamic visual elements.

Smule and Snap are bringing together the best of social music and digital imaging to offer both user bases even more immersive experiences. AutoRap, Smule’s recently revamped app for hip-hop enthusiasts, rappers and beat makers, is a fitting launch pad for the new Lenses, considering the significant role that creativity and individualism play in the genre.

See Lenses in action in AutoRap here.

“Hip hop artists have long been pushing the boundaries of what’s new and next,” said Eric Dumas, Smule CTO. “We couldn’t be more proud to empower our AutoRap community with vibrant AR lenses, thanks to Snap’s innovative technology. Beats and rhymes are the lifeblood of AutoRap. Now, our community can take their creations one step further, with visual components to tell their story and express themselves in a way that’s colorful and unexpected.”

Lenses, powered by Snap, give AutoRap creators the ability to collaborate and stretch the limits of self-expression by using AR elements in their original rap performances, which will be guided by visual cues in the recording. The feature showcases the potential of the technology in a wide range of consumer applications and offers an exciting new feature to AutoRap and other apps in the future.

“Smule is a leader in social music, and we’re eager to see how Snap Camera Kit will enhance the experiences