Technology Standards, ‘Tech Debt’ Among Issues Media Will Face After An Unusual 2020


Technology development has sped up, rather than slowed down, during 2020, as the global coronavirus pandemic has led companies to quickly implement workflows they might have only imagined before having to deploy widespread remote operations.

At the same time, the scramble to move operations off-premises has pushed technologists to focus on next steps, including the need for standards that will apply across media supply chains and to govern media’s use of artificial intelligence among other things.

That, in a nutshell, captures a conversation among four technology leaders and a pair of rising stars that is set to take place Monday, Oct. 19, at 4 p.m. ET.

All six of the technologists participating in the “Predictions for 2021,” will have just received TVNewsCheck’s 2020 Women in Technology Awards in a presentation ceremony webcast live by TVNewsCheck.

Among their predictions:

  • Media companies that have scrambled to implement solutions to support increased remote operations in 2020 may have adopted platforms that won’t scale to their future needs, complicating the “tech debt” they are accumulating this year.
  • The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) will receive increased attention as technologists strive to arrive at standards for media supply chains.
  • Speaking of standards, the industry needs one to govern how AI functions in media technologies.
  • From a technology standpoint, the 2020 presidential election will be unique, particularly in relation to server and connectivity usage.
  • DEI — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion — will play a growing role in managing technology staffs and also in technology standards, as terms like master and slave are retired from commonly used language.

Speakers at the “Predictions for 2021” panel — and the 2020 Women in Technology Awards honorees are:

Women in Technology Leadership Award

Barbara Lange, executive director, SMPTE

Lisa Pedrogo, VP engineering/strategic initiatives and production engineering, WarnerMedia Technology Operations