Second giant ‘murder hornet’ escapes after it was captured by scientists in Washington State


Another “murder” hornet that could have led scientists to its nest has evaded experts once more, following a lost signal.

a hand holding a fork and knife: A live Asian giant hornet is affixed with a tracking device using dental floss on October 7 before being released in a photo provided by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

© Karla Salp/Washington State Department of Agriculture via AP
A live Asian giant hornet is affixed with a tracking device using dental floss on October 7 before being released in a photo provided by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Last week, scientists with the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)captured a live Asian giant hornet — known as “murder” hornets for their ability to decimate honeybee populations — and used dental floss to attach a tracking device to its body, which “worked quite well,” said Sven Spichiger, WSDA’s managing entomologist, during a news conference on Monday.

When scientists released the hornet into the wild onto an apple tree, they were initially successful in tracking the insect, but after some time they were unable to locate a signal when it flew into a heavily vegetated area and then quickly darted away — thus evading the scientists.

Not all hope is lost, though, said Spichiger.

“We did get an initial direction of the flight,” he said. “We were able to meet with several of the property owners and get a few more eyewitness accounts of seeing hornets earlier the week before or earlier in the summer, and so we are starting to narrow down exactly where the hornets’ nest is.”

This isn’t the first time the state has tracked a live giant hornet. The team did so earlier this year, but the tracker fell off the hornet due to gluing issues.

So far, Spichiger said there are at least two Asian giant hornet nests in Whatcom County in Washington, with a possibility of a third.

Once a nest is located, the plan is to vacuum out the hornets and use

Virginia Approves STEMscopes Digital STEM Curriculum in State Science Textbook Adoption


Accelerate Learning today announced that the STEMscopes digital STEM curriculum has been approved by the Virginia Board of Education as part of the state textbook adoption for science. The adoption of STEMscopes Virginia includes grades K-6 and Physical Science, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

STEMscopes Virginia is a comprehensive, hands-on STEM curriculum that is built from the ground up to the 2018 Virginia Science Standards of Learning and Curriculum Framework. STEMscopes is centered on phenomena-based instruction to drive student inquiry and a passion for STEM. Through the research-based 5E plus intervention and acceleration learning model, students explore scientific concepts through dynamic phenomena found in everyday life.

“We’re pleased that STEMscopes will be an integral part of student inquiry in science in Virginia schools and districts,” said Dr. Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “With STEMscopes, students actually do science, instead of simply reading about it in a textbook. STEMscopes takes a constructivist approach where students investigate real-world phenomena through hands-on, collaborative experiences, while teachers receive embedded support and the flexibility to teach in whatever style they like.”

STEMscopes combines a comprehensive digital curriculum, supplemental print materials, and ready-made exploration kits with embedded professional development to support student and teacher success. It provides easy access from any device at any time, and can be used in traditional classrooms, hybrid learning, and distance learning. It also includes a number of new features to better support distance learning and hands-on learning at home.

For information or to request a full-district or full-school access trial, visit

About STEMscopes
STEMscopes, created by Accelerate Learning Inc., is an award-winning, research-based national leader in PreK-12 STEM curriculum. Used by over 5 million students across all 50 states, STEMscopes provides comprehensive digital resources, supplemental print materials, and hands-on exploration kits that drive engagement and academic

Noted Global Consultant Features Tealbook At Center of “The Future State of E-Procurement” Ecosystem


“The future of digital supply chains requires a data foundation that unlocks unlimited value creation,” says Dr. Elouise Epstein of Kearney. “Tealbook is a leading example of that data foundation.”

The benefit of a trusted supplier data foundation is to provide procurement teams with the ability to innovate with suppliers, drive advanced costs savings, create opportunities for corporate social responsibility (CSR), and manage risk. The data foundation is the organizing principle of the supplier information. Once it is cleansed, harmonized, and  enriched it becomes easily syndicated to every application in the ecosystem. Data from Tealbook can be incorporated into any technology, whether it is a S2P tool, ERP, S2P/P2P, niche digital solution, Excel, or another analytics tool, ideally tying them together by the same source of data.

“The need to achieve digital procurement success has been a challenge for nearly every enterprise,” says Dr. Epstein. “This new ecosystem view acknowledges that third party (supplier) data is THE organizing construct for value creation. Unfortunately, due to the constantly changing nature of this data, solving it with yesterday’s approaches and ideologies is wholly inadequate. Organizations have collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars – and have failed. Enterprises need a network-based approach that streamlines and automates the collection and (more importantly) the ongoing upkeep of third party data while seamlessly syndicating to all upstream and downstream systems.”

About Tealbook

Tealbook is a Big Data company that provides a platform to fix enterprise supplier data forever. Tealbook does this through proprietary Autonomous Data Enrichment technology which proactively captures and maintains changing supplier information. In addition, Tealbook provides a data foundation that can be leveraged by other eProcurement solutions to ensure these larger investments are successful. Tealbook has been adopted by Fortune 100 companies across multiple sectors and is the winner of many

IGT’s Resort Wallet Technology Leads Evolution of Cashless Gaming in New York State


LONDON, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — International Game Technology PLC (“IGT”) (NYSE: IGT) announced today that the Company is leading the evolution of casino operations with its Resort Wallet™ cashless solution at the newly reopened Resorts World Catskills Casino and Resort (“Resorts World Catskills”) in Monticello, N.Y., a subsidiary of the Genting Group. Resort Wallet gives Resorts World Catskills patrons the option of a contactless, safe, and effortless cashless gaming experience. Players can use their physical Resorts World Catskills Players Club card to load cash into a secure digital wallet from either the casino cashier or any slot machine, and access those funds from any slot machine.

“Today’s casino guests are seeking a unique combination of gaming excitement, luxury, convenience, and safety. IGT’s Resort Wallet solution will help to ensure that Resorts World Catskills delivers every aspect of its brand promise,” said Bob DeSalvio, President of Genting Americas East. “IGT’s Resort Wallet cashless gaming solution positions Resorts World Catskills as an innovative technology leader, and keeps safety at the forefront of our operations.”

“IGT’s Resort Wallet solution gives Resorts World Catskills the early adopter advantage among commercial casinos in the state of New York with the debut of cashless gaming at their property,” said Ryan Reddy, IGT Vice President, Global Systems and Payments Products. “Because Resorts World Catskills operates with the latest version of our IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system, a quick and simple remote installation has enabled the casino to benefit from the increased liquidity, efficiencies, player convenience and safety that are only possible with cashless gaming.”

The Resort Wallet solution, part of the award-winning IGT ADVANTAGE® systems Player Experience Product Suite, is available as a turnkey, add-on module for IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system customers who want to give players a cashless wagering option.

Players can benefit from

Colleges Pledged to Follow the Science. But Divides in Reopening Plans Reflected State Politics.


Institutional decisions about whether to reopen colleges in-person this fall correlated most strongly with state politics, not the regional public-health conditions that campus leaders said were front and center in their considerations, new research suggests.

The finding, from a pre-peer-review research and policy brief published by the College Crisis Initiative at Davidson College, reveals that both public and private institutions in Republican-led states were less likely to say in early August they would operate online this fall. County case numbers of Covid-19 did not have as strong of a correlation to campus decisions.

Public four-year universities in states with Republican governors were nine percentage points more likely to plan to be in person.

Over the summer, administrators cited their on-campus public-health expertise and data on the pandemic as central to decisions. But researchers found little evidence that state and county case rates were a “strong piece” of decision making, broadly.

Administrators were in a tough position, said Daniel Collier, the paper’s lead author and a research associate at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Though Collier said he had public-health concerns that left him “personally opposed” to the reopening of many colleges, a larger set of pressures seemed present for campus leaders. “If you need to align with power, if you’re trying to save your institution, if you’re trying to save the jobs that come with the money that would come with bringing students back, it’s absolutely a rational decision.”

The data reviewed by the College Crisis Initiative, which has partnered with The Chronicle on a reopenings tracker, is not causal. Collier said additional research, including qualitative research, is needed to determine the extent of legislative influence.

What is known about presidential motivation offers some support to such an idea. Front of mind for 43 percent of presidents surveyed