11-Year-Old Boy Steals $28,000 From Bank, Walks Out Unchallenged, Incident Caught On Camera



  • When the boy arrived at the bank, he noticed that the cashier had left the cabin unlocked 
  • He entered the cabin, stole the money, and fled the scene without raising any suspicion
  • An investigation into the incident was ongoing 

An 11-year-old boy was caught on camera stealing $28,000 from a bank in the Indian state of Haryana on Monday.

When the boy arrived at the Punjab National Bank, he noticed that the cashier had left the cabin unlocked and gone to the washroom. The boy entered the cabin, stole the money, and fled the scene without raising any suspicion.

The incident came to light in the evening when the bank employees were counting the cash received by them and found a discrepancy of $28,000. After the police were alerted about the missing cash, they arrived at the scene and checked the CCTV footage in which the unidentified boy was seen entering the cabin, keeping bundles of cash in a bag, and fleeing the scene.

Vishvajit Sinha, the bank manager, The Times of India that the boy had stolen 4 bundles of $7,000 each and fled.

“The bank was overcrowded as it had opened by a two-day weekend and the cashier forgot to lock the cabin in a hurry,” Sinha told the newspaper.

An investigation into the incident was ongoing.

“We are investigating the incident from all the angles and have sought credit and debit records from the bank officials. It was a huge amount. How can the cashier leave his cabin open without any security? I have asked the bank manager and the cashier to visit the police station to join the investigation,” investigation officer Virender Singh told the publication.

The incident comes months after a 10-year-old boy stole $14,000 from a bank in the Indian city of

Ring Mailbox Sensor: Amazon will alert you if someone steals your mail



The Ring Mailbox Sensor lets you know when your mailbox is opened or closed.


In addition to the Ring Always Home Cam, a $250 flying drone/security camera, the Amazon company also quietly introduced a $30 Mailbox Sensor last week via a low-key announcement page. Similar to the Ring Motion Sensor accessory for Ring lighting products, the new Mailbox Sensor is a little sensor that relies on Amazon’s Sidewalk technology to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. 

“It’s something that many of our customers have asked for,” Ring President Leila Rouhi told me over the phone. 

Ring sells a variety of smart home devices, from doorbells to security cameras and beyond. Thursday’s announcements add to the company’s smart home lineup, but Ring also introduced three connected car products at its hardware event — proof it has plans to expand beyond the home. 

The Ring Mailbox Sensor is designed to send an alert to your phone when the door is opened and is supposed to work with other Ring products, such as using Ring doorbells and outdoor cameras to record footage when the mailbox is opened. 

You can preorder the Mailbox Sensor starting Oct. 8 for $30. 

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