Accenture CEO Julie Sweet Says New Brand Campaign Is About Embracing Change


Accenture is launching what it’s calling the company’s biggest brand change in a decade, aided by a $90 million annual media budget that’s triple the normal spend.

The campaign, titled “Let There Be Change,” was developed by creative agency Droga5, which Accenture acquired last year. The campaign was developed alongside a new strategy, as well as a new purpose “to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.”

“As you think about what’s happening with speed, just in January we thought transforming the enterprises would take a decade,” says Accenture CEO Julie Sweet. “Now we believe it’ll take five years. So we have this huge opportunity as everyone is re-imagining everything—you’re rebuilding industries, you’re rebuilding economies—to do it with a responsible business by design.”

According to Sweet, who became CEO in 2019, the company started working on the campaign a year ago when it began updating its strategy from 2014 that sought to pivot the business to become 70% focused on digital, cloud and security by 2020. (The company hit that target a few weeks ago.)

The campaign strategy is also a way of stress-testing the new five-year plan during the pandemic. Sweet recalled putting a new growth model in place on March 1, along with a 40-person leadership team that’s twice the size of the previous one. The change has led to more inclusive and less hierarchical leadership that, she says, “was a theory 12 months ago” but has helped the company move faster than before.

“I’m talking to a lot of CEOs right now who are saying we want to act with the speed we acted with in the crisis,” she says. “And I always ask a simple question: ‘What have you