ICE responds to reports officer wore NYPD jacket, says the word police is a law enforcement symbol


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is looking into reports that one of its officers wore an NYPD jacket that caused alarm for New York City residents, according to a report.

The agency said “police” is a “universally recognized symbol of law enforcement in most cultures.”


“ICE officers are sworn federal law enforcement officers who enforce U.S. immigration laws created by Congress to keep this country safe. The word ‘POLICE’ is a universally recognized symbol of law enforcement in most cultures, an important distinction given that many of the individuals with whom ICE interacts are not native English speakers. Given the inherently dangerous nature of ICE officers’ work, their ability to quickly establish their identity as sworn law enforcement personnel could potentially mean the difference between life and death.”

Brooklyn residents in Fort Greene protested in front of the 88th police precinct Sunday after they claimed an immigration officer was caught wearing NYPD gear while knocking on doors in a building and climbing a fire escape.

“They were yelling ‘ICE, police, open up or we’ll knock your door down,’” an unidentified resident told PIX11 News in Spanish.

A similar incident happened in Upper Manhattan.

“They were saying, ‘Hey, can you open the door. We are just NYPD, we come from precinct 34. We’re not ICE,’” said a young woman whose father who has lived in New York for 30 years was detained.


NYPD told PIX11 they have no record of the incidents.

“We’re seeing it happen in Fort Greene. We’re seeing it happen in northern Manhattan. We want answers,” said Jorge Muniz Reyes, an organizer with Sunset Park ICE Watch.

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The Note: Biden sees masks as symbol and substance in drawing contrast with Trump


The TAKE with Rick Klein

Trump wore a mask Monday in leaving Walter Reed for the White House — but it didn’t stay on long. By the end of another extraordinary night, with an infected president urging people not to let COVID-19 “dominate” their lives, it may as well have never been on.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is calling that out, as he pleads for science over showmanship with a month to go before Election Day.

“Anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying masks don’t matter, social distancing doesn’t matter, I think is responsible for what happens to them,” Biden said in Monday night’s NBC town hall. “What is this macho thing — ‘I’m not going to wear a mask?’ What’s the deal here? Big deal!”

PHOTO: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a campaign stop at Jose Marti Gym in Miami, Oct. 5, 2020.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a campaign stop at Jose Marti Gym in Miami, Oct. 5, 2020.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks during a campaign stop at Jose Marti Gym in Miami, Oct. 5, 2020.

Masks have been a big deal in this campaign because the president has made them so. Notwithstanding his own administration’s guidelines, Trump used masks as a political cudgel long before the stunning irresponsibility inside his White House and campaign appears to have contributed to the spread COVID-19 among the president and his inner circle.

Trump’s moves now are as incredible as they are predictable. Monday night he said in a video he tweeted out that now he might be “immune” from COVID-19, as he again promised a vaccine and treatments.

“Don’t let it dominate. Don’t let it take over your lives. Don’t let that happen,” the president said.

The virus, though, has already

Color Star Technology Announces Change in Ticker Symbol


NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly, Nasdaq CM: HHT) (the “Company”, or “Color Star”), a company engaged in the businesses of providing online and offline paid knowledge services for the media, entertainment and culture industries globally, today announced that the Company’s ordinary shares will commence trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the new ticker symbol “CSCW” (Nasdaq CM: CSCW), effective prior to the open of markets today. It represents the abbreviation of “Color Star Color World”. The changes reflect the Company’s on-going efforts to transform itself into a brand-centric paid knowledge services platform with focuses on the music and live entertainment industries.

“Following the success of our Color World Online Concert in September, our recently launched Color World App has reached over 500,000 registered users – not a small feat for our team. As we continue to add new artists to our platform and introduce new features to our Color World App, including the planned launches of interactive live streaming and online store on October 15 and October 25, 2020, respectively, we are increasingly confident about the outlook for the Company and believe that we can move across the mark of 1,000,000 registered users by the end of the year,” Commented Luke Lu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Color Star.

About Color Star Technology

Color Star Technology Co, Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: CSCW) offers online and offline paid knowledge services for media, entertainment and culture industries globally. Its business operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Color China Entertainment Ltd. and CACM Group NY, Inc. The Company’s online education is provided through its Color World music and entertainment education platform. The Company also offers after-school entertainment tutoring in New York via its joint venture entity Baytao LLC. More information about the Company

Weyland Tech Begins Trading Under New Company Name, Logiq, and Ticker Symbol, LGIQ


The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Logiq, Inc. (formerly Weyland Tech) (OTCQX: WEYL) (OTCQX:LGIQ), a global provider of award-winning eCommerce solutions, has received notification from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that its new name, Logiq, Inc., would take effect on the over-the-counter market on September 25, 2020. At the open of trading today, on September 25, 2020, the company commenced trading of its common stock under the new name, Logiq, Inc., and its ticker symbol changed from “WEYL” to “LGIQ.”

“Our new name and ticker reflects our evolution from operating primarily as a mCommerce services company to becoming a leading innovator of data-driven consumer intelligence and marketing technology,” said Logiq CEO, Tom Furukawa. “We’ve now entered a new stage of accelerated growth and development.”

Over the last year, Logiq acquired a leading e-Commerce platform, formed major industry partnerships and expanded its global presence. Its offerings now extend from mobile commerce and fintech solutions for micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses (MSMBs) to AI-powered customer acquisition for major enterprises and brands.

Customer relationships now range from hundreds of thousands of MSMBs around the world to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies, with marquee U.S. customers that include Home Advisor, QuinStreet and Sunrun.

“Over the next few weeks, we plan to complete our recently announced acquisition of FixelAI, an award-winning innovator of digital marketing technology,” said Furukawa. “We expect it to further strengthen our consumer intelligence and marketing capabilities, and help keep us on track for another year of record growth.”

Logiq recently formed a partnership with Shopee, the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia and a unit of NYSE-traded Sea Ltd. Logiq announced the integration of

‘Gen Z tattoo’ trend looks like Nazi symbol



Jordan Williams, 18, recently posted a video on TikTok encouraging fellow Gen Zers to get matching tattoos as a sign of rebellion. 

She stumbled across the symbol, a letter Z with a line through the center, in the comment section of another user’s video. She thought the image seemed simple enough and universal enough to be a good fit, so she issued a call to action to her 2,000 followers. 

“OK Gen Z listen up!” Williams captioned a video of herself staring into the camera wearing a black hoodie. “What if, now hear me out…We all got a matching tattoo. As not only a symbol of unity in our generation but also as a sign of rebellion.”

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The 18-second clip lit up with positive responses, as a few teens and young adults went out and got the symbolic image permanently inked on their bodies, Williams told USA TODAY. At least three people got the tattoo, she said. Others went the DIY route creating makeshift tattoos at home.

Williams, a restaurant server in a small Missouri town, then went to work, covering a double shift. While she was offline writing down orders for pizza and mozzarella sticks, the social media response to that video took a turn for the worst.

The symbol, one person said,looked similar a Nazi swastika. Williams’ original video was memed dozens, maybe hundreds of times over. She received death threats and even a threatening phone call from people she didn’t know.

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Jordan Williams is known as Smoothavacado on TikTok. (Photo: Dalvin Brown)