TailorInsight Releases Report on ‘The AR+AI Interactive Video Technology of WIMI Promotes the Potential Power of the Hologram Industry’


Hong Kong – TailorInsight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report ‘The AR+AI Interactive Video Technology of WIMI Promotes the Potential Power of the Hologram Industry’. Obviously, the current content and efficiency of e-commerce live broadcasting cannot match the rapid growth of the new market needs of the live broadcasting industry. The live broadcasting market is in urgent need of a new technology that can reduce costs, improve efficiency, enrich content, and improve the live broadcasting data instantly to facilitate the iterative upgrading of the e-commerce industry.

This is the AR/VR virtual live broadcasting technology which is side-by-side with 5G technology and has experienced several verifications in the e-commerce live broadcasting industry. Indeed, in the 5G era, e-commerce live broadcasting will be more and more interesting. Because of the high-speed information transmission of 5G, the anchors on the platform can present consumers with high-definition and high-quality pictures anytime and anywhere.

In recent years, virtual AR live broadcasting technology has gradually appeared in some of the top events and banquets. The AR live broadcast solution, based on the deep learning and stereo vision algorithm software, is adopted by WIMI. Meanwhile, it represents that the Chinese artificial intelligence and visual algorithm software science and technology enterprise’s technical level has reached the world’s leading level. The software algorithm can realize the production of AR live broadcast effects, which greatly reduces the engineering difficulty and cost, and improves the implementation efficiency. This means that AR virtual live broadcasting can be more and more widely applied to other fields except for top events and banquets.

The advantages of WIMI’s AR+ live broadcasting is obvious, which can simulate any scene in a real way and reflect the application of the product in different real environments. It can show more complex products, so that

TailorInsight Releases Report on ‘New Hologram AR Technology Is Expected to Make a Breakthrough’


Hong Kong – TailorInsight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report ‘New Hologram AR Technology Is Expected to Make a Breakthrough’. This year, the hot discussion on 5G topics has attracted much attention in the telecom market. With the development of 5G, business development, the 5G market has huge demand and the whole industry chain will be strongly driven. The evolution of 5G new technology opens a new application space in the three scenarios of eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC. 5G will go beyond the scope of communication connections and bring a profound intelligent digital economy revolution through the deep integration of communication, computing, and vertical industries.

At the same time, faster Internet speed will also promote the further development of naked-eye 3D. In the future, you can enjoy the 3D shocking effect without 3D glasses when watching movies. Similar industries are driven by virtual reality and augmented reality. For example, in museums and classrooms, virtual reality can be used for explanation, which is more vivid. In addition, with the development of cloud technology and the improvement of the 5G network, the mobile hard disks may be eliminated in the future. Users only need to transfer the materials to the cloud disk. Under the high-speed network, it is very convenient to take and use it at will.

5G will comprehensively build the key infrastructure for the digital transformation of economy and society, from online to offline, from consumption to production, from platform to ecology, and promote the development of China’s digital economy to a new level. According to the White Paper on “The Economic and Social Impact of 5G”, predicted by the Information and Communication Research Institute, in the early stage of 5G commercialization, operators will carry out large-scale network construction. By 2020, the investment in network and