Anti-Felon Identification System – Useful Feature Of A TASER Device


When you are using a new technology, it would be best to find out how it works. This is very essential especially if you use it for your safety. Self-defense devices are very popular these days. They have varied methods on how they can protect you. There are certain devices that make use of its electro-muscular disruption technology. There are also others that utilize its content in order to immobilize the attacker. They are all effective in their own ways.

The TASER device is one of the tools that utilize electro-muscular disruption technology. It is a hand-held weapon. You can bring it anywhere by placing it inside your pocket. It is highly useful especially when you believe your safety is at risk. It is very important to understand its features so that you will know how it is used. Learning about its functions will make you a responsible owner of this effective device for self-defense.

Since it uses the method of electro-muscular disruption, your aim of taking down your attacker is achieved. The electrical currents from the device are strong enough to interrupt the normal signals transmitted in the neuromuscular system. The muscles will not be able to move as it normally does. However, this effect is temporary. Once your attacker is down, this is your chance to escape. You must not wait for the time that he will be able to move again.

One of the great features of this security device is the Anti-Felon Identification System. This is one of the unique features of the weapon which is not present on other self-defense tools. When you fire the TASER gun, it will not only release the two wired probes. It will also discharge tags of identification. The tiny dots or tags contain the bar code of the device. …