How Oreo And PFLAG Are Teaming Up To Celebrate LGBQT+ Kids And Their Parents


Oreo is one of Gen-Z’s favorite brands and has made headlines with its previous rainbow-themed social media posts and gender-neutral pronoun packs. As the most diverse and liberated generation in history (only two-thirds of Gen-Z identify as exclusively heterosexual) the brand understands that recognizing and celebrating identity is important.

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month this October, OREO is building on the #ProudParent platform and its partnership with PFLAG National by debuting a new film, titled Proud Parent, and releasing first-of-their-kind Limited Edition #ProudParent OREO Rainbow Cookies to reward acts of allyship for the LGBTQ+ community.

(Full disclosure: my brand purpose consultancy Conspiracy of Love worked with Oreo earlier this year on an unrelated social purpose project).

I caught up with Justin Parnell, Senior Director, Oreo Brand at Mondelēz to learn more about this partnership.

Afdhel Aziz: Justin, welcome. Please tell us a little bit about how this partnership with Oreo and PFLAG came about?

Justin Parnell: What makes this partnership special is that it so perfectly encompasses our shared mission to create a more accepting world and that starts with the love and support of your closest family and friends. OREO has been celebrating families and encouraging moments of connection for decades, so a collaboration with PFLAG National, an organization dedicated to connecting LGBTQ individuals and their families, was a natural partnership for us. We also have a proud history of valuing diversity, fostering inclusion and publicly supporting the LGBTQ+ community, dating back to our, controversial, Pride-themed social post back in June 2012. OREO is proud to help drive PFLAG National’s mission to help make the world a more accepting, affirming, and compassionate place, where all families belong.

Aziz: How does

Capuchins Caught On Camera Teaming Up To Rescue Youngster From A Boa Constrictor


A group of anthropologists from Tulane University were in for a big surprise when they went walking in Sector Santa Rosa of the Área de conservación in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. In pursuit of a group of capuchin monkeys, they were observing the playful behavior of a troop when a screech revealed that a juvenile had been captured by an enormous boa constrictor, and they caught the whole thing on camera. Astonishingly, in the face of such an intimidating predator, the troop opted for fight rather than flight and banded together to retrieve their pal from the snake’s fatal clutches. The footage is published as part of a study in the journal Scientific Reports.

Professor of Anthropology Dr Katharine M. Jack and her colleagues were in pursuit of a group of 25 white-face capuchins (Cebus imitator) when the dramatic scene unfolded, back in the summer of 2019. Some of the younger members were engaging in play when one unfortunate individual crossed paths with a 2-meter (6.5-foot) boa constrictor. The attack launched an immediate and collaborative rescue mission from the rest of the troop, which descended on the boa with force as they attempted to extract their young from its deadly grasp.

The fraught mission kicks off at around 28 seconds into the above video and lasts just 19 seconds. The 6-year-old juvenile is grabbed by the boa, which begins wrapping around it and squeezing, as is the infamous hunting method of these immensely strong predators. Seconds later an adult male is on the case, sounding the troop’s snake alarm call to launch a counterattack. The alpha male of the group then charges the snake and, with two females as backup, begins furiously attacking the boa. They eventually retrieve the traumatized youngster and make a hasty exit at around 47