Ten Reasons Why Big Firms Stick With Obsolete Management


One of the great puzzles of the corporate world is why big corporations are still being run on obsolete 20th Century management principles when there is an obvious better alternative—21st Century management—that is producing unprecedented financial returns and market capitalizations.

“Most [firms] today are run on the basis of ‘legacy’ management systems that have become obsolete,” writes Menlo College professor Annika Steiber in The Silicon Valley Model. But why?

Even though 20th Century management is a coherent and consistent way of running a company, it is an increasingly poor fit with today’s fast-moving customer-driven marketplace. It has difficulty changing direction. It lacks agility. Here are ten reasons why 20th Century management still dominates.

1.    20th Century Management Operates As An Unstoppable Flywheel

Since 1970, 20th Century management has been preoccupied with a single-minded goal—to maximize shareholder value. The goal leads to a very specific way of running the company. Because the goal is uninspiring to those doing the work, workers need to be closely monitored. So, the goal leads inexorably to a structure of work that is bureaucratic—individuals reporting to bosses—and the organizational dynamic of a top-down hierarchy of authority, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

These three 20th Century principles—goal, structure of work, and firm dynamic—in turn lead inexorably to the familiar set of 20th Century corporate processes. Thus leadership has to come from the top because it is only the top that is deeply committed to those principles; as a result, leadership is inevitably transactional rather than transformational: it has to resort to carrots and sticks, rather than inspiration. Strategy inevitably turns into

Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Genshin Impact’


It’s time. I have played roughly ten thousands hours of Genshin Impact since launch (at least that’s what it feels like), and I am ready to dole out some advice for new players and those I have convinced to join me on this free-to-play gacha journey.

I won’t spend any more time trying to convince you this game is good and worth trying out, but rather I’m going to move on to assuming I have already made the sale and you’re in the game. So, as you begin, here are ten things I wish I knew when I started Genshin Impact.

1. Check Your Email (In-Game)

By far, this is the most important thing you should be doing when you log in. Genshin Impact, having just launched, will give you a huge amount of free currency that you can use to make gacha “pulls” for new characters and loot from moment one. I did not pre-register, I did not play the alpha or anything like that, and yet I probably got at least something like 20-30 pulls for free due to all the bonuses I found in my email tab in the game menu.

2. Check The Events Tab

Also buried in the menu is the Events tab, something that will give you both daily login bonuses that are free and useful, but also bonuses for “trying out” different characters, where you will get to play a stage as one of the characters you can pull to see how they play, and you’ll get some prizes just for completing a simple intro stage.

3. Fountains Will Heal Your Entire Team For Free

This is sort of Genshin 101, but I can see a lot of people struggling to understand this for a while. In

The Computer Repair Technician’s Toolkit – Ten Things Every Computer Technician Should Have


While most computer repair and data recovery technicians understand the need to keep up on the latest technology innovations and computer service techniques, it is equally important to any jobs success to bring the right combination of tools and supplies to every service appointment. Even an experienced PC or server technician can find themselves in a situation where they will need to travel to do a job where they do not necessarily know what they will encounter or which tools they may need once they get there. Following are the ten most important items for a computer field service professional to have with them on any job:

  1. Hand tools. At least one large and one small standard and Phillips-head screwdriver.
  2. ESD wrist strap. This is the single most neglected item by most computer service technicians and also the most important so as to prevent damaging any components through electrostatic discharge.
  3. USB Flash Drive with virus removal tools. Often a technician will find themselves trying to service a single computer that is unable to connect to the internet due to virus or malware infection.
  4. USB Keyboard, Mouse and Network Cables. While this is actually three items I have grouped them together as they are commonly needed for testing and ruling out defective input devices in the computer troubleshooting process.
  5. Laptop or Netbook Computer. In many cases the technicians own portable computer will be the only way to get to the internet to download drivers, view manuals or look up a manufacturers technical support or warranty service telephone number. For network or server technicians this should also include a serial cable with which to connect to and configure routers and switches.
  6. Wireless Router. Home wireless routers fail regularly, so a technician should have one with them

Ten of the Best Free Android News Apps


One of the most logical and useful groupings of applications are the Android news apps. It just makes sense to have one or more of these free apps on your phone so you can get the news you want when you want. Typically, all the bigger news sources provide their applications free of charge making these free news apps an even bigger no-brainer. This leaves everyone with one big decision to make: which one(s) to download. A secondary concern you should also consider is whether you want a local news app. Again, these are almost always free to download; however, the quality of these varies tremendously and it’s really a market-by-market issue. Of course, the bigger the market the better their Android news apps should be and this line of thinking usually holds true.

Regarding which of the many free Android news apps to download, the only way to figure it out is to learn more about them. Here is some periphery information about 10 of the best Android news apps:

FOX News

Like the TV channel and programming, this free Android app tends to provide its news from the more conservative point of view and spectrum. FOX News provides users with the latest news and updates from the people behind the FOX News Network. You can control the number of feeds and the type of news items you receive!

Tech Buzz Widget

Want to know the latest about technology, including any and all news about the Android OS, gaming, and mobile gadgets? If so, this free Android news app is the right app for you.


This is another app providing news on the mobile technologies niche. This one is more specialized toward information, news and rumors on all the latest about the Android OS and the Android Market.…