Thinkware’s Tough M1 Action Camera System Smooths Out Your Motorcycle Ride Videos


I reviewed a lot of dash cameras this summer and it was time to try something a little bit different: a dash cam for my motorcycle. The first one to arrive was the Thinkware M1 Motorsports Cam system. This system features two high definition video cameras in basically nuclear explosion-proof cases, a central control box with a built-in GPS antenna, and a wired remote control that goes on your handlebars. The system works just like a dash cam system in a car in that it is always recording once you start up your bike, but the remote control system lets you record longer sections of video if you want to capture a longer ride or a specific incident that happens in front of you. It also features electronic image stabilization and a decent app for setup and retrieving files recorded on the micro SD card.

It took about half an hour to install the $349 Thinkware M1 system on my Honda sport motorcycle. The camera modules were actually larger than I expected and that precluded me from installing them under the chin of the bike’s fairing, as a big hit on the front wheel would have sent the front fender into the camera.

So instead I installed the front camera just on the left side of my faring as you can see in the photos. I installed the rear camera under my tail light. Installation is made simple with plug and play wiring and mounts that use very strong adhesive