Comcast Offers Thousands of Grants, Equipment, Marketing and Technology Resources to Small Businesses Hardest Hit by COVID-19


Comcast RISE Initiative Provides Small Businesses with Free Marketing Insights and Opportunities to Apply for Media, Technology Upgrades and Grants Up To $10,000

Black-Owned Small Businesses, Those Impacted Most by the Pandemic, are the First Eligible Applicants for Comcast RISE Resources and Grants.

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) today launched Comcast RISE, an initiative created to help strengthen and empower small businesses hard hit by COVID-19. The Comcast RISE program will help thousands of small businesses over the next three years. The multi-faceted program offers grants, marketing and technology upgrades, including media campaigns and connectivity, computer and voice equipment, as well as free marketing insights to all applicants.

U.S. small businesses have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the number of U.S. active business owners dropped from 15 million to 11.7 million from February to April. The study cited that Black-owned small businesses were hardest hit, suffering the steepest decline (41 percent), followed by Hispanic and Asian American-owned small businesses.

The program will roll out in waves, and starting today, U.S.-based Black-owned small businesses can apply for marketing and technology support and equipment to jumpstart and help them sustain business operations. In addition, all small businesses are able to sign up for free marketing insights and resources. The next wave of the program will open up eligibility to include Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), those next hit hardest by the effects of the pandemic.

“There’s this old saying, ‘When America catches a cold, black America catches pneumonia.’ Black Businesses, which never recovered from the great recession, have been ravaged by COVID-19 with Black-owned businesses twice as likely to close as their white counterparts. While many businesses have responded by moving online or retrofitting to allow for

Thousands of people want to be exposed to coronavirus for science


a close up of a glass with a blue background: Coronavirus Vaccine

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Coronavirus Vaccine

  • Coronavirus vaccine research is advancing at an incredible pace, with some of the first results expected by the end of the year.
  • The UK government is actively exploring the idea of starting a challenge trial where volunteers would receive the experimental drug and then the virus.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) already cleared the controversial testing method, but governments and vaccine makers are still reluctant to embark on research that would expose volunteers to a deadly pathogen.
  • Tens of thousands of people have signed up for challenge trials nonetheless.

There’s hope that vaccines combined with continued precautions (social distancing, hand washing, and face masks) can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of 2021. While we have no definitive proof that vaccines are effective and safe, there’s plenty of promising evidence to keep the hope alive. First of all, there are hundreds of coronavirus vaccine candidates in the works. The more shots on goal, the higher the chances that at least one will score. Secondly, the results for the first two phases of clinical trials have shown that about a dozen drugs are effective and safe. Phase 3 will have to prove these experimental drugs can block infection or reduce the virus’s severity.

There’s plenty of reticence regarding COVID-19 vaccines as well. More Americans are wary of vaccines than a few months ago, as vaccines became tools to advance political agendas. The scientific community has attempted to reassure that political factors will not compromise vaccine safety, and the new FDA guidelines make it harder for any vaccine candidate to seek an emergency use authorization, or obtain one, before the November 3rd presidential election. The guidelines say that companies will need to observe volunteers for two months before starting the approval process.

But other countries

Killer Mike’s majority Black and Latin-American owned online bank already has ‘tens of thousands’ on the waiting list


a man looking at the camera: Rapper Killer Mike. Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

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Rapper Killer Mike. Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

  • A majority Black and Latin-American owned and operated digital bank already has “tens of thousands” of people on its waiting list ahead of its January opening, CNN Business reported. 
  • The new bank, founded by Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover, rapper “Killer Mike,” and former Atlanta Mayor and US Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young, aims to support Black and Latin-American communities, Black-owned businesses, and Black entrepreneurs. 
  • Over the past few months, companies including Square and Netflix have announced support initiatives for Black-owned financial institutions to address racial inequality. 
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A majority Black and Latin-American owned and operated online bank set to open in January already has “tens of thousands” on the waiting list seeking an account, CNN Business reported.


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Greenwood is a digital bank that was founded by Bounce TV founder Ryan Glover, rapper “Killer Mike,” and former Atlanta Mayor and US Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young that was “inspired by the early 1900’s Greenwood District, where recirculation of Black wealth occurred all day, every day, and where Black businesses thrived,” according to its website. 

Its mission statement describes how the platform is aiming to supplement “the current financial system, [which] has failed Black and Latinx communities.”

Glover told CNN Business that although Greenwood has been in the works since early last year, the killing of George Floyd that sparked nationwide movements against systemic racism also increased interest in the company. 

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Thousands Of Sea Creatures Found Dead 5 Miles From Wakashio Wreck


The true scale of the devastating Wakashio oil spill is only just becoming apparent to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

Thousands of sea creatures have turned up dead around a small coral atoll five miles South West of the Wakashio wreck, called Ilot Brocus.

Local environmental NGO, Reef to Roots, were at the location of Ilot Brocus, a protected coral atoll, when they noticed how many sea creatures had died.

The videos, that have been widely circulated by local news in Mauritius since Monday September 28, describe the scene at low tide between the beach of Le Bouchon and Ilot Brocus the weekend prior.

Jose Berchand, Vice President of Reef to Roots explains what he saw. “At low tide between Le Bouchon beach and Ilot Brocus, there is a terrible smell. There are many sea creatures that we have found dead in the lagoon. There are many dead sea snakes, many dead eels, dead Madagascan Mud Crabs (Crabe Malgaches), dead octopus, a lot of dead fish and a really high number of dead shell creatures. You can see that they are dead within their shells.”

In the video (shown above), he also explains the smell of oil around the coral atoll, and traces of the thin oil film that can be seen floating on the surface.

The samples of the residue and dead sea creatures were taken away for analysis by the Government of Mauritius.

A coastline that was vibrant with marine life

Customers of food delivery app Chowbus had their home addresses leaked. The breach appears to have affected hundreds of thousands of users.


a bunch of different types of food on a table: Oscar Wong, Getty Images

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Oscar Wong, Getty Images

  • Food delivery app Chowbus emailed customer names, full addresses, and phone numbers to other users on Monday.
  • Screenshots of an email posted to Reddit suggest the breach may have impacted hundreds of thousands of customers.
  • The company, which delivers from Asian restaurants and stores in the US, Canada, and Australia, didn’t comment on how the breach occurred, but said data was “illegally accessed.”
  • Credit card information and passwords were safe, it added.
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Asian food delivery service Chowbus emailed customer data, including home addresses and phone numbers, to some of its users after a breach on Monday.

An email address registered with the company sent a link to files containing details of about 4,300 restaurants as well as information about hundreds of thousands of customers, screenshots posted to Reddit suggest. The files, sent Monday, appeared to include names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and more than 400,000 email addresses, according to data breach watchdog Have I Been Pwned.

At least some of the data related to test accounts, the Reddit screenshots suggest.

“Pretty sure it had everyone’s stuff,” one Reddit user posted. “The CSV file was like 69MB large and I had no problem finding my own stuff.”

It is not clear how many customers received the email, which had the subject line “Chowbus Data.”

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Chowbus confirmed the breach in an email to customers sent Monday. Some user data “had been illegally accessed and made available online,” it said. The company didn’t comment on how the breach occurred, or how many customers were affected.

Customers’ credit