Smart Cities: Harnessing the Power of Technology in Local Government

The global economy is in constant turmoil, governments are challenged to provide levels of service that typically only private businesses can provide and disruptive technologies are transforming industry at a rapid pace. In this bold new era where change is unavoidable it is the innovative who are positioned to surely thrive.

In 2008, the global economy fell into recession; it was the most significant downturn since the Great Depression. Recovery has been a long and exasperating struggle; at times feeling like we are clinging to the edge of a cliff, desperately trying to hold on and weather-the-storm.

Some economists even predict we are on the verge of another global recession. Foreign and domestic factors are both significant contributors to the swelling pessimism; there is the unpredictability of Trump’s Tweets, the looming collapse of the Euro, the astonishingly low cost of crude oil, student loan debts suffocating young adults who are unable to contribute to economic growth and let’s not forget about the dreaded silver tsunami.

It’s fair to say the economic outlook for the United States and Canada is unsettling. As a result of financial uncertainty many government agencies across North America are seeing their budgets tightened, while expectations from constituents continue to rise. The public opinion towards government processes, civic services and budgetary spending has become progressively more volatile in recent years.

So, how does one do more with less? Well, when you consider that we live in a world where virtual reality, 3D printing, quadcopters, pocket-sized spectrometers, and self-driving cars are no longer simply things of science fiction, the answer may be staring us directly in the face.

There are a plethora of software solutions that assist with a wide range of government functions. The technologies available today disrupt the old ways of doing things; these are solutions

What is SAP? An in Depth Definition of SAP ERP System

As mentioned before SAP is an acronym for “System Application & Products” which creates a common centralised database for all the applications running in an organization. The application has been assembled in such a versatile way that it handles all the functional department within an organisation. Today major companies including Microsoft and IBM are using SAP’s Products to run their own businesses.

R/2, which ran on a Mainframe architecture, was the first SAP version. Sap’s products are generally focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Sap’s applications are built around R/3 system which provide the functionality to manage product operations, cost accounting, assets, materials and personnel. The R/3 system of SAP runs on majority of platforms including windows 2000 and it uses the client/sever model.

SAP provides majority of enterprise applications that includes:

1. SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW)

2. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

3. Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)

4. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

5. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

7. Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)

8. Business Information Warehouse (BW)

SAP NetWeaver is the latest technology introduced by SAP. SAP’s products are mainly focussed on large organizations which mainly comprises of Fortune 500 companies and its a number one choice for ERP system worldwide. SAP has software solutions called SAP Business One (SAP B1) and SAP all in one which are mainly created for small and mid sized organizations. SAP products are used by millions people worldwide and in more than 120 countries and is constantly increasing. SAP had over 38, 4000 employees in over 50 countries, and more than 36,200 customers around the world as on Jan 2007.

Changing From Paper Coupons to E-Coupons

As we go into the age of information and technology, anything made of paper is slowly being discarded and traded for electronics and the wonders of the Web. This includes paper coupons. We have now what we call e-coupons, which are the electronic counterparts of the paper coupons. When in the past we had to browse over magazines, newspapers, and brochures to get coupons and discounts, now we can just browse through the Internet or download them into our cellphones.

Let us not throw away our papers just yet, however. The e-coupon is still a new concept to many customers, and not all of them are comfortable with the transition at the present. With things as they stand right now, with not all of the customers prepared to switch to the electronic lifestyle of coupons, stores and companies are still making full use of paper coupons.

This is not to say that the appearance of e-coupons is a way to eliminate the use of coupons by buyers and customers. On the contrary, its purpose is to actually increase the use of coupons in general (not just the paper ones). The coupon industry is declining; some would say dying. Fewer and fewer people are reading newspapers and circulars, and the newer generation of shoppers are more likely to browse online than sort through the papers. This has spurred companies to reach them through the Internet and technology, resulting to the birth of the e-coupons.

But, as stated, don’t throw away your papers yet. There are no plans to cut off the paper coupons since there are still a significant number of buyers and customers using these to get discounts and to save money. Until everyone (or almost everyone) has made the change to use the Web for discounts instead of the

Coverage of InventHelp’s 2008 INPEX Invention Show

To give you a little background, what distinguishes INPEX from a lot of other trade shows out there (of which there are thousands) is that it’s not focused on a specific type of product, but rather inventions and new products in general. So, exhibitors display baby products, toys, tools, personal care items, electronics – inventions in basically any category you can imagine. With hundreds of inventions on display, I didn’t get around to seeing every booth – but I did get a peek at a good number. Here’s a glimpse:

There were quite a few inventions I saw that focused on accessories for the ladies. The patented Finder’s Key Purse® (one of several cleverly named products) is a small accessory that hooks onto the side of a purse. A woman clips a set of keys on it so she doesn’t have to dig around inside the purse when it’s time to get in the car or open the front door with an arm full of groceries. Another handbag-related invention was the patent-pending Wallots(TM), which enables a woman to alter the appearance of her wallet to match a purse. This is actually a two-part invention with a base insert containing all the typical wallet compartments, and a line of covers to make color-coordination easy. For making jewelry shine, there was the patent-pending Jeweler in the Dishwasher® – a device invented by a jeweler to enable people to give jewelry a professional cleaning at home. A person simply fills the container with necklaces, rings or bracelets they want to clean and puts it in the dishwasher.

On the men’s side: for all the guys having trouble getting their facial hair to look clean and symmetrical, there’s the GoateeSaver(TM). A person simply bites down on the accessory (like a mouthpiece), adjusts the sides

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Microsoft has blended its popular Office suite with its enterprise system to create what it now calls Microsoft Office System. But while the name is different and Outlook has gotten a face-lift, Microsoft hasn’t done much to the other apps in the suite. So the burning question remains: Should you upgrade?

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