What Is Data Science and Why Do We Need It?

Nowadays, we are very familiar to hearing the word ‘Data Science’. What does it actually mean? It is the science or technology which focuses on collecting raw data and processing it in an effective manner. In all our daily work, indirectly we work on storing and exchanging data. With the rapid development in technology, the need of storing data effectually is also increasing. That’s why it needs to be handled properly. So basically, it is discovering hidden insights of raw data and using them for productive output.

Now, why do we need data science?

It is emerging as a boon in the industry. Companies are more focused on data mining to make their business more productive. They are working more on the data driven approach, rather than other strategies to bring the firm to the top in the market. According to surveys, the demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. We collect, store and process data every second. For example–> In a hospital, the information of patients is recorded every minute. Everyone is using net banking for online transactions, in that too we are giving our data on the sites (pin number, account number etc.) and the data is processed to give the output. So, the security of our data is also important. We can take the example of ‘Netflix’ too. What Netflix does is: it insights the interest of the user and then arrange the movies and TV series pattern according to them which has made it popular. There is a good future in it for those who are interested in the technical world. There would be many jobs with high packages available in the future. So, in this way, it is helping the industry and that’s why the demand of data scientists is increasing.


Why Is the Blockchain Technology Important?

Let’s say that a new technology is developed that could allow many parties to transact a real estate deal. The parties get together and complete the details about timing, special circumstances and financing. How will these parties know they can trust each other? They would have to verify their agreement with third parties – banks, legal teams, government registration and so on. This brings them back to square one in terms of using the technology to save costs.

In the next stage, the third parties are now invited to join the real estate deal and provide their input while the transaction is being created in real time. This reduces the role of the middleman significantly. If the deal is this transparent, the middleman can even be eliminated in some cases. The lawyers are there to prevent miscommunication and lawsuits. If the terms are disclosed upfront, these risks are greatly reduced. If the financing arrangements are secured upfront, it will be known in advance that the deal will be paid for and the parties will honour their payments. This brings us to the last stage of the example. If the terms of the deal and the arrangements have been completed, how will the deal be paid for? The unit of measure would be a currency issued by a central bank, which means dealing with the banks once again. Should this happen, the banks would not allow these deals to be completed without some sort of due diligence on their end and this would imply costs and delays. Is the technology that useful in creating efficiency up to this point? It is not likely.

What is the solution? Create a digital currency that is not only just as transparent as the deal itself, but is in fact part of the terms of …

Children’s Increasing Bonding With Smartphones

Today’s young generation has changed the mobile phones usage. It has become more of a toy for them that they can use any time, explore, contact and send messages to their friends without knowing its pros and cons.

Living in the 21st century of iPads and iPhones and newer technologies, we must be aware of what our children are watching on the smart phones, as excess usage of mobile phones is harmful for them due to the high radiations. We should also restrict the use of mobile phones by the children by providing them the time limit for every activity they can do daily, with this they will learn the importance of time and discipline.

We all are aware of the consequences of game ‘Blue Whale’ invented by a Russian lady named Ilya Sidorov. Around 130 children worldwide (5 children in India) had committed suicide after playing this game, because they didn’t get to know when they enter their mind and get trap to reach at the top level. Whole day their mind is in the game only, how to be on the top and they are unaware of the surroundings.

We need to always keep an eye on our children-what they are watching on mobile phones-to prevent them from any danger and teach them lessons of life and help them differentiate between the real and fake.

Children are the future of our nation so we need to be protective and cautious about them so they don’t get harm or spoiled. All new technology is introduced to make our living simple but in another way they are creating trouble in our life by their high radiation. So it is important to know their use but in a way that they don’t harm our mind and body.

There is no doubt …

Raymarine – Fishfinding in HD

Japanese engineers started high-definition technology for your living room, but Raymarine has taken it out to the seas. Its HD Digital fishfinder, as soon as it was out in the market, started making waves in the marine industry.

One of the brand's top products is the A70D Chartplotter / Fishfinder, which boasts a 6.4 "high resolution VGA (640 x 480) color display that's viewable even under direct sunlight. The A70D can adjust right away to changes in water and seabed conditions while delivering a much clearer picture compared to your usual analog fishfinder. You will also never lose a moment of fishfinder display, because of its hands-free automatic operation.

Integrated with a chartplotter, this gadget allows you to mark as targets either the fish you are aiming at or any wreck that you've spotted. You can easily switch screens or use a dual screen all the time.

The patented HD Digital technology of Raymarine lets this Chartplotter / Fishfinder reveals more fish targets than your average fishfinder, because it eliminates surface clutter and can target fish regardless of water depth, turbulence and speed. It can even accurately distinguish bait fish from the larger ones.

You won't have a problem placing this device on your boat, whether on a center console or an open-air cockpit due to its rugged waterproof construction. It also comes with a tilt and swivel bracket complete with a quick release lever. It is recommended that once you take the unit off the boat you use its built-in cable system and caps to keep your cables protected.

For the US users, if you add the SR50 weather receiver, the AD70 can give some entertainment value while you're on your boat. With SIRIUS Satellite radio capability, this amazing gadget lets you control channels and volume of over 100 …

Significance of SAP HANA in the Digital World

The possibility of digital technology in every way has made today's world more resplendent and creative. The evolution of future systems and technologies is proportional to the improvisations of digital world and its database. Reducing the time taken to convert the prototype to a complete product, standardizing the components used and implementing portability were the key factors that represent improvement in digital world. For instance, above factors influenced the consistent double-digit growth of mobile industry.

Improvising digital world

Digital world is veiled with huge databases, interfaces and high-end applications. In spite of being advanced, it is complicated to maintain such a globalized technology. Improvements in digital world depend on the enhancements in the processing capability and architecture of its database and interfaces. Like any other technology, speed and portability were the key factors for a technology to take a leap towards success. Today's world demands these features in each and every product from the IT industry.

Recently, DSAG (Deutschsprachige SAP-Anwendergruppe, Germean User Group) conference on latest advancements in science and technology paid a special attention to SAP HANA, cloud computing and analytics. Experts around the world have estimated the current impact and the contribution of SAP HANA in the future developments of the IT industry.


Implementing artificial intelligence and improvising processing architecture, SAP HANA has driven the database management industry to the next level. The ability to perform complex data processes such as real-time analytics and applications are the core reasons for this system to emerge as a successful database management system.


This DBMS is capable of effectively analyzing the data stored in the real-time environment and helps to draw the conclusions in analytics and real-time decisions. It can analyze the huge databases from multiple data with excellent flow and accuracy.

Enterprise Applications

SAP HANA provides an …