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sdsa BBC News Time Full 4k Online Free Watch Army vs The Citadel Live Online Football 2020 Free .Each Friday, the Sports Illustrated-AllGators staff will provide predictions and pre-game analysis before the Florida Gators take on their weekly opponent..dasdsad


asd We have decided to tally prediction records as the season goes on. These are purely based on Gators’ win/loss predictions, and not factoring in the spread. With that, each of our contributors has gotten off to an undefeated start for the 2020 as dsad

da asThis week, Florida heads to College Station, Texas this week for its first ranked ads sadmatchup of the season. The No. 4 Gators will take on the No. 21 Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday at noon, on ESPN. Despite being the toughest opponent of the year thus s dasd far, and going on the road, our staff is once again confident that the Gators will exit with a victory.h.h

sad asI think this game will be closer than some folks are letting on.kjhhj.

For one, a win against No. 4 Florida would be a massive tone-setter for Jimbo Fisher in his third year at Texas A&M, after what’s been a disappointing first two years of his 10-year, $75 million, fully guaranteed contract. Against what’s been a struggling defense to put it lightly, the Aggies are capable of putting up points.hkhk

sd asd Not as many as Florida, though. A&M’s defense has allowed nearly 10.5 yards per passing attempt as quarterbacks are completing 71.4% of their passes. Gators quarterback Kyle Trask and his expansive arsenal of weapons have to be licking their chops. Pick your poison: Kyle Pitts and/or Kadarius Toney have themselves a big day, depending on how much attention is put on Pitts by the Aggies’ defense.



In Stars of Science First, Jury Decides No Elimination

DOHA, Qatar, Oct. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time in the history of Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science, the jury agreed to advance all top eight contestants in the concept prototyping episode to the next phase – displaying the TV show’s commitment to scientific integrity and fairness.

In Stars of Science First, Jury Decides No Elimination

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Dr. Khalid Al-Ali, Stars of Science jury member, noted that the show’s contestants ran into unprecedented circumstances with the outbreak of COVID-19, causing disproportionate difficulties in materials procurement and shipping delays.

“Exceptional times necessitate exceptional action. We, the jury members of Stars of Science, place fairness firmly on top of the show’s platform of opportunity. We work hard to give the contestants a level playing field in order for the best to truly excel,” said Dr. Al-Ali.

During the proof of concept episode, several contestants laid out a roadmap for the next stages of the competition. However, COVID-19 hampered some contestants’ progress, as they did not have the necessary resources to start proving the concept of their innovation. Jamal Shaktour was among the most affected, as crucial supplies from abroad did not arrive in time for the jury’s review.

“These exceptional times pushed all of us to adapt to the new norms dictated by the pandemic, as we had to work with what we had available and persevere,” said Shaktour. “The jury’s decision is a golden opportunity to all of us and is a push to motivate us even further, prove ourselves, and shine.”

This episode witnessed the return of Majed Lababidi, who competed during Season 3 in 2011, as a co-host alongside the show’s long-time presenter, Khalid Al Jumaily. Lababidi is an example of the show’s strong track record of empowering young Arab minds

North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech: Live updates, score, results, highlights, for Saturday’s NCAAF game

Game Recap

After losing to the Virginia Tech Hokies the last time they met, the North Carolina Tar Heels decided to demonstrate that turnabout is fair play. UNC came out on top against Virginia Tech by a score of 56-45 Saturday. Yes, you read that final score correctly. And yes, they were playing football.

RB Michael Carter was a one-man wrecking crew for the Tar Heels, rushing for two TDs and 214 yards on 17 carries.

Virginia Tech’s defeat came about despite a quality game from RB Khalil Herbert, who rushed for two TDs and 138 yards on 18 carries. Herbert put himself on the highlight reel with a 52-yard TD scramble in the third quarter.

The win improved UNC’s record to 2-0. The loss dropped Virginia Tech’s record to an identical 2-0.

UNC will take on the Florida State Seminoles at 7 p.m. ET next week at Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium. The Hokies will take on the Boston College Eagles at 8 p.m. ET next week at home.


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Breakthrough discovery in gene causing severe nerve conditions — ScienceDaily

Researchers have made a breakthrough genetic discovery into the cause of a spectrum of severe neurological conditions.

A research study, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and gracing the cover of and published in the October edition of Human Mutation, found two new mutations in the KIF1A gene cause rare nerve disorders.

MCRI researcher Dr Simranpreet Kaur said mutations in the KIF1A gene caused ‘traffic jams’ in brain cells, called neurons, triggering a devastating range of progressive brain disorders. KIF1A-Associated Neurological Disorders (KAND) affects about 300 children worldwide.

“KAND symptoms often appear at birth or early childhood, have varying severity and can result in death within five years of life. Because clinical features overlap with other neurological disorders, children can be misdiagnosed or remain undiagnosed for a long period of time,” she said.

“Our study will lead to more diagnoses by expanding the mutation pool further, finding new KIF1A gene mistakes that cause KAND and related disorders.”

The study looked at a genetically undiagnosed girl with Rett syndrome, a severe neurodevelopmental disorder that predominantly affects females and causes developmental delay, speech problems and loss of hand skills and three others with a severe neurodevelopmental disorder who showed few Rett syndrome-like features and carried defects in the KIF1A gene.

Dr Kaur said using advanced genetic techniques, the research team identified that the girl with Rett syndrome, a disorder previously not associated with KAND, also had a previously undiscovered mutation in the KIF1A gene.

She said this ended an arduous diagnostic journey of 15 years for the girl.

“We used a range of testing methods to show that the girl had a mutation which disrupted her KIF1A gene that subsequently affected the function of KIF1A in the brain,” she said. “The three other study participants, who had clinical features

McDonald’s Just Announced Some Great News, and It Has These 3 Things to Thank

a close up of a sign: McDonald's Just Announced Some Great News, and It Has These 3 Things to Thank

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McDonald’s Just Announced Some Great News, and It Has These 3 Things to Thank

In the middle of a pandemic, it reported good news. Here’s why.


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This is a story about the three things McDonald’s has done recently that enabled it to report big revenue growth last month, in the midst of a pandemic and economic recession.

The three things? They’re about promotions, predictions, and process — our own new version of the 3 P’s, if you will (as opposed to people process and product). And as you read and learn what McDonald’s has done, you just might find some brilliant inspiration for your business.

First, the big story. McDonald’s said this week that its sales in the United States have bounced back since the start of the pandemic, increasing 4.6 percent over the last three months, against the comparable time period in 2019.

That’s after falling 8.7 percent during April, May and June.

“Our unique strengths,” CEO Chris Kempczinski said as part of a press release, “including our unrivaled drive-thru presence around the world, advanced delivery and digital capabilities, and marketing scale have become even more important during the pandemic.”

I know that sounds like corporatespeak, and in fairness, we won’t know for sure if profits match its revenue growth for that time for another month.

But, I think it’s also easy to break this all down and find some strong takeaways.

First, let’s talk about promotions. In September, the third month of the three month period, McDonald’s teamed up with rapper and producer Travis Scott on a meal deal.

This was reportedly McDonald’s first celebrity meal promotion since the early 1990s, when it teamed up with Michael Jordan. It