Steps In Choosing The Right Headphone: Wired Or Wireless

Do you want wired or wireless connections? Wired headphones still a flawless full-strength signal; however, you will stay connected to your computer (your phone, mp3 player, TV, etc.). While wireless headphones, you will be free to move around and even groove to your favourite song, but the signal is not 100 per cent sometimes. (Although most wireless headphones come with a cable, the best of all worlds is what you get.)

Do you want a closed or open one? Closed like in closed-back, meaning that the outer world has no holes (everything is sealed). Open, as in open-back, to the external world with holes and perforations. The former guarantees that, with nothing but sound, live in your world. The latter helps you create a more natural listening experience for your songs (like a regular stereo).

Steps to choose the right Headphones

v Identify how you want to use the headphone

Are you going to use your headphones when you’re driving, lying in the listening room, or the gym? Or all three, maybe? Multiple headphones will be safer for different circumstances, and the rest of this guide will help you find the right models for you.

v Pick the right kind of headphones

You must first decide on your favourite headphone model before we get to wireless variants, noise cancellation, smart software, etc., so let us do that. The three fundamental differences in headphones’ design are over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear.


Over-ear headphones surround or cup your ear and remain on with light pressure on your temple and upper jaw, the larger of the three types. The classic, original-style headphones are over-ear headphones, and they come in two versions: closed and open.


On-ear headphones are typically thinner and lighter than over-ear headphones, and they remain directly on your ears, like …