Amazon’s New Ring “Always Home” Camera Is A Drone That Flies Around Your House

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

From House Beautiful

After leaving home, we’ve all had that moment of doubt when we wonder if we accidentally left the stove on or forgot to lock the door. Then we have to decide if it’s worth it to make the trip all the way back home to makes sure everything’s okay. Well, soon you’ll be able to check on the inside of your home without actually having to go home, thanks to Amazon’s newest Ring home security camera.

The Ring Always Home Cam is a flying indoor drone with a camera that lets users see what’s happening inside their home in real-time. It’s lightweight, and autonomously flies predetermined paths set by the user, meaning you’re not stuck with the one view you set the camera to before leaving home. It can also be used with the Ring Alarm to fly “appropriate paths” to check for disturbances when an alarm sensor is triggered, according to a news release.

Wondering what happens to the camera while the Always Home Cam isn’t flying around? When you’re not using the device, it remains in the dock, which physically blocks the camera.”Ring Always Home Cam was built with privacy in mind and only records video when in flight,” the news release reads. And when it’s in motion, it makes an audible sound, so you’ll be able to hear it.

The Ring Always Home Cam is set to retail for $249.99, and it’ll be available for purchase in 2021. In the meantime, check out these other Ring home security devices.

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