BOSAGORA Unveils ‘VOTERA’, a Core System of Deliberative Democracy

BOSAGORA (Chairman: Kim In-hwan) announced on October 14, 2020, that it unveiled a video of visualizing ‘VOTERA’, a core system for processing democratic consensus by all members of the Parliamentary Network.

The first project that made the initial coin offering (ICO) in Korea, BOSAGORA is a decentralized democratic governance platform that builds the ecosystem by taking part in decision-making by participants who hold BOA coins more than a certain amount. BOSAGORA aims to ‘build a better world’ by providing blockchain technology and financial support to diversified projects through these decision-making processes.

The ‘VOTERA’ is a pivotal deliberative democracy system in drawing consensuses that are acceptable to all parties by taking part by every member in a fair and reasonable manner in entire processes of proposing projects, reviewing, discussing and voting on proposals as well as for deciding adoption of such proposals.

Participants can propose and assess new projects through ‘VOTERA’, and the implementation of projects will be decided after voting when assessment results exceed certain criteria. Any member of the Parliamentary Network of BOSAGORA is allowed to vote as he or she is awarded a voting right per 1 node.

“‘VOTERA’ is a visible outcome that advanced a step closer toward completing a platform of a core system that realizes deliberative democracy being pursued by the BOSAGORA platform,” said Kim In-hwan, Chairman of BOSAGORA. “We will continue to exert efforts to attract profitable businesses and expand the ecosystem that can increase the value of BOA, leveraging their performances.”

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