Brittany Wenger


Every year, millions of people, especially women die from diseases such as breast cancer and leukemia. Often, these diseases are discovered only when they have already made significant damage on the body, and much of the early warning methods are invasive and inconvenient.

Fortunately, developments in science and technology have allowed us to find better ways of diagnosing diseases such as these, in hopes of making their treatments a lot easier compared to how it was done in the past.

Meet Brittany Wenger, a young inventor, computer programmer and scientist from Ohio who is most known for making Cloud4Cancer, an artificial intelligence software that is designed to detect breast cancer and leukemia at the least invasive and best way possible. Originally starting out as a science project after Brittany’s cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cloud4Cancer has now grown to becoming a future potential choice in diagnosing diseases such as this.


Brittany’s work may not yet be out on the market due to still being tested, but her work is no joke. In fact, she has received a lot of awards and recognitions for her efforts, including becoming the winner of the 2012 Google Science Fair and being included in TIME Magazine’s “30 People Under 30 Changing the World” and Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” lists. She was also given the opportunity of featuring her program at the White House Science Fair and personally got to talk to President Barack Obama, who showed great interest in the development of Cloud4Cancer.


What made it all possible for Brittany was her genuine love and interest for science and technology, something that she had since she was young. For Brittany, science has a lot to offer the world, as it not only helps answer the questions of life in a logical way but it also helps improve the world by revolutionizing the things that we know about our surroundings. As she says in an interview:

“The most amazing part about science is you can answer questions and really revolutionize the world and our knowledge base.”

Passion. This is the word that can sum up the life and career of Brittany because of the amazing things that it has brought her all throughout these years. It was because of her passion for science that she was able to create her first soccer playing computer in the seventh grade, and it is also what enabled her to develop her cancer detecting software that is greatly revolutionizing the medical industry today.

When she was interviewed about an advice she could give for budding inventors, Brittany had this to say:

“If you find your passion, just follow it and have the persistence to stick through it. I mean, for me, the breast cancer program failed completely two times before it succeeded. But what’s great about science is that you learn a lot from those experiments. They can really help you move forward.”

Indeed it is. It is because of her passion, not just for science but also for helping people, that Brittany was able to create something as revolutionary as Cloud4Cancer that has great potential of being the future choice of cancer diagnostics. People like Brittany Wenger, who spend their time, effort and energy in finding ways of improving things, are the reason why we today can live and expect convenient, safe, and comfortable lives.


1. Brittany Wenger is the creator of the Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer, a.k.a. Cloud4Cancer, an A.I. software designed to detect breast cancer and leukemia.

2. She is one of the top young scientists in the world today in the field of medical research.

3. She is the winner of the 2012 Google Science Fair.

4. She was included in TIME Magazine’s “30 People Under 30 Changing the World”.

5. She was included in the “30 under 30” list by Forbes Magazine.

6. Her invention was featured in the White House Science Fair and she was even granted an audience with President Barack Obama, who showed great interest in her work.

7. Her invention can greatly revolutionize the method of diagnostics of breast cancer, leukemia, and other diseases, that would lead to treating them a lot sooner before they could do major damage to the body.

8. She is a recipient of the Google CS Connect Award.

9. She is among the most popular young female scientists and inventors in the world today.

10. Her invention, Cloud4Cancer, is now being supported and beta-tested by several hospitals in the United States.