DS3 Bandwidth – Soon to Become an Obsolete Technology?

DS3 bandwidth is used by many companies with high internet connectivity needs. Often a DS3 is considered when companies outgrow their bonded T1 circuit. A bonded T1 typically can have speed between 3Mbps and 12Mbps, where a DS3 has 45Mbps of bandwidth.

However when ordering a new circuit like a DS-3, companies often tie themselves in multiple year contracts. And before doing so, they may want to make sure that they are getting the ‘best bandwidth for the buck’. New technologies like ethernet broadband and metro ip DIA are starting to get more and more common. Many tier one providers are adapting these technologies and rolling out these new products in more and more markets. So before deciding wether to order a DS3 or another type of circuit, be sure to know what is available in your market.

The advantage of ethernet broadband is not only that it is more cost effective, depending on the technology used it also can be more reliable and have a greater redundancy. Additionally, most providers offer incremental increases in speed, so as your connectivity needs grow you can simply order an upgrade – which is not something that is possible with DS3 bandwidth. However until these services are rolled out nationwide, ds3 bandwidth will certainly not become obsolete. However be your own judge on how long a contract term makes sense to sign. Although the contract term will influence the monthly cost and installation price, you may be doing yourself a disfavor when signing a 5 year contract.