Global Warming – A "Call to Action"

Oil and other "Fossil Fuel" resources will definitely deplete. Governments fight over it and kill to preserve the right to control it. Use of these fuels have proven to Contaminate and Destroy the Environment, Erode the atmosphere and Increase Global Warming. Why then are all of the Worlds Leaders so Vocal on the subject; yet, so lack luster in the actions required to search for and find the affordable, replenishable sources of energy, that are available? Why do governments hide or spurn developments that have been proven to extend the life of "Fossil Fuels?" Why do governments not use the advances that allow for the use of "Fossil Fuels" in cleaner, more efficient ways? Ways that allow for more efficient combustion, dramatically reduced emissions, and better fuel economy?

Why does the World's Governments not use every possible advancement in Science and Technology to extend existing resources; as the search for replenishable, cleaner, more efficient sources continues? Each time that the World ignores advances to help the Planet clean and repair itself, the Global situation worsens and the "World Cry's Out for Help!" Governments offer more than plentiful "Lip Service;" yet, little action, without the forceable arm twisting of very large Environmental Organizations. Only after being embarrassed with proof of technology that has been ignored or repressed, to protect Big Business Interests.

Mankind is pressing towards an "Awakening" that is not for the better! Allowing those, elected to represent us, to ignore the Science and Technologies, available and affordable, that will allow for the cleaner and more efficient use of the remaining Fossil Fuels, while affordable alternatives are found and put into use, will lead the world further into the Brink. The efforts of all of Mankind should be on the Preservation of the Environment and Ecosystem that has supported Life for centuries. What was, is no more. Unless Mankind awakens to "Mother Nature's" call to stop destroying the Planet, forces of Nature shall surely clean that which is offensive and damaging until the World is forced to go back to Primitive ways of sustaining life.

As long as Science and Technology brings alternatives, both in product and implementation, that allows for the cleaning of the environment, better use of the existing fuel sources, and furthers the development of products that allow all of Mankind to effectively reduce the damage that is done to the Planet, should not the Governments of the World set the standard and use every possible means available to do just that?

Consider this a "Call to Arms!" Without diligent effort and pressure from all of Earth's Citizens, World governments will lead the Planet further into the Chaos, by ignoring the available advances and technologies, and continue down a path of ignorance and arrogance that will bring further "Cleansing" by Mother Nature.