HDTV Is It Overrated Or Absolutely Necessary?

What is HDTV? It is high definition TV which provides a much higher quality picture on your television than standard services. Regular TV, which travels over the airwaves, is also known as analog TV. The quality, or resolution, of the picture you see is defined by the number of scan lines transmitted. HD satellite TV pictures have almost twice the number of scan lines as a regular TV set. The big difference is found in digital technology.

High definition satellite TV makes several improvements over viewing TV the old way. One is that you get a clear, sharp image that makes it seem almost lifelike. The widescreen picture you get with high definition makes you feel like your are sitting in a movie theatre. But not only that, the audio is better quality, too, because it is programmed in Dolby Digital format, which gives you that surround-sound experience.

Directv and Dish satellite TV are two well-known providers of satellite services who both carry HDTV options. Each company offers many options in packages of services, and most of those packages include high definition quality.

One of the negative aspects of getting high definition TV is that you will need to purchase a high definition television set in order to receive that improved picture quality. The cheapest of these HD ready TVs for receiving Satellite TV can cost around $200 or more for a 27-inch screen. If you want to go with a flat wide screen in a large size, you can expect to pay from $1000 to $1600. A small price to pay really for the improved quality and considering you will be watching it for many years.

People who enjoy watching sporting events on television will love HD satellite TV, because you can actually see a wider view of the playing field. Movie buffs will like it to. When watching movies you will be able to see the entire picture instead of having it altered to fit your television screen.

Analog TV sets offer a lower level of resolution than HDTV. Today, satellite TV systems and recorded DVD’s are digitally encoded so that they can provide a clearer picture. The technology is similar to the resolution you use on a computer monitor, which is measured in pixels. You probably use a much greater number of pixels, such as 800 x 600, than what is seen with analog TV.

Because we have become comfortable with the improved resolution, it makes sense to look into having HDTV options as part of our Directv or Dish network satellite TV services. Having HDTV as part of the package does raise the monthly satellite bill, however, adding $10 or more to your expenses each billing cycle.

Watching a local station is a cheap alternative to satellite TV. Some television stations have plans to convert to HDTV, but they must replace their equipment to do so, so it will take a while for all of them to make the conversion. Until they do, a satellite TV service, like Dish network or Directv, are the simplest way to be able to enjoy the improved picture and sound of high definition television.