How Are New Technologies Changing Response Efforts To Extreme Auto Accidents?

Drones are now being introduced to emergency response personnel, so they may use the technology to help in extreme life-threatening accidents and rescue situations. For example, think of a scenario where you are driving in your car up the side of a mountain to go on a camping trip. Suddenly, a car careens around the bend, hits your vehicle and then your vehicle falls down a cliff and you lose consciousness. You awake to find that your leg is trapped under the side of your vehicle and the site is surrounded by boulders making it impossible for anyone to see the accident site. However, there is an opening between the rocks overhead.

This is where emergency response can potentially find you with the drone, and get an idea of what your injuries are after prompting you with a few questions to answer verbally. This can save emergency response so much money and time, and help save your life more quickly. An accident like this would be rare, but this example outlines how progress in technology is helping to save human lives. If you are trapped in an auto accident, there are steps you can take to give yourself the best fighting chance for getting help.

Three Steps to Take If Trapped in a Car Accident

· Try to calm yourself down: You are in an extreme life or death situation, and your adrenaline will make this difficult to achieve. Remaining calm will help your body conserve energy, which is key to your survival.

· Call for witnesses: There could be people around your site that you cannot see or hear. Try yelling for help periodically, until you get a response. People who are nearby and have seen the accident are most likely calling 911 already, which is cause for positive thought. If you have access to handsfree calling technology or on-star, utilize it if you can.

· Get a first aid kit: Having a first aid kit can be crucial when stuck in a situation like a serious car accident. Having a blanket, flashlight, bandages, and water could be the difference between life and death for you.

Take Action to Get Compensation You Need

New advances in technology are making it easier for emergency response workers to save lives. However, people are still seriously injured in auto accidents every day that may not even be their fault. There is help out there for those who need it.