How Online Reviews Help You Detect Bad Quality Smartphones

Some of us relate to the distress of making a purchase and then ending up having completely been scammed! 

Well, this is not something new in the smartphone industry. I remember once my sister purchased a phone online and on delivery, the advertised 64Gb was scaled down to 32Gb. 

The company had no return policy and she had no other options but to use it regardless. That was many years ago and stringent measures have been put in place regarding e-commerce. 

While it might be a good thing for companies to flood the market as it lowers the product prices benefiting the consumer, too many companies make it hard for consumers to know online multimedia companies to trust who to trust.

It, therefore, necessities one to be cautious before making a purchase. To do this,  a good consumer knows the value of reading reviews.

In this article, we shall look at how online reviews help one detect bad quality smartphones.

Online reviews give accurate information about product performance.

Big smartphone brands are always competing with each other to produce better and better products each year. 

With this in mind, you’re more likely to be assured that you’ll be getting something good. However, for those small upcoming smartphone companies, it’s hard to tell the performance.

This is why you need consumer reviews to confirm whether the smartphone lives up to the advertised standards.

Sometimes the smartphone might have even better performance than most similar phones but it just becomes difficult to attest when the company manufacturing is not a “big name”.

On the other hand, some phones from big companies genuinely are of poor performance contrary to what we may expect.


To know this, you’ll have to check on the product reviews. 

  • Negative reviews act as Caution.

You’ve probably heard of fake reviews before. This is common with a lot of businesses that pay other people to post only positive reviews, especially on their web page.

Someone somewhere might have bought a smartphone-based on false reviews. 


Because it’s hard to know whether a company has legitimate reviews, third-party websites like ReviewsBird US have been created to better consumer product awareness. 

For example, if you want to purchase a smartphone from an online electronic shop such as CAFAGO, you’ll have to read some of its customer reviews on the quality standard of their products e.t.c. 

The need for visiting these sites to read reviews will continue to increase as the internet continues to grow. 

Some economists hold that when you look at it from the seller’s point of view, bad reviews are good in disguise as they help boost sales. That’s quite a notion. However, what I believe is that we can’t trust all-positive reviews, it’ll be too good to be true.

That’s why striking a balance is important. You know, it is better to proceed and purchase a product that has a few negative reviews than one faking all positive reviews.

It’s better a realist than a faker! Just take caution with the former.

  • Reviews give better recommendations for similar products 

What I like about smartphones is that it’s constantly being upgraded and many other companies are in the rush to make better products.

When you read reviews, some customers who’re constantly changing their phone might leave recommendations like, ‘I’ve used this phone before, as much as it’s of good quality, there are better quality phones for a fraction of the price.’

This will in turn increase your awareness of the product should you decide to purchase it. You might choose to go back and continue with your search because now you know you can get something better.

An easier alternative to find better recommendations using the internet is through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, discussion forums like Quora e.t.c. 

  • To know the companies reply to negative reviews 

Businesses inevitably make mistakes sometimes, it might be an accidental packaging of a bad quality smartphone that was set for refurbishment. 

Due to that, the company got several negative reviews. It is how the company chooses to respond to that, that as a customer you’ll know how genuine they are.

Completely choosing not to respond to the negative feedback, discredits the company. A smart and humble reply has stolen the hearts of consumers and even boosted sales afterward.

Companies take extra caution to better their reviews and ensure that the previous complaint never happens again. Also, from their replies, you’ll know the proper channels to institute a complaint