How to Become a Computer Forensic Investigator

Computer forensics experts become more and more popular in the world due to high rate of computer based crimes, due to usage of computer technology in every field of life. They perform very tough job to handle with the cyber crimes. Expert always have latest information about computer environmental changes in hacking and dealing with the crimes with new and latest techniques to derive more efficient results of the forensics investigation.

It is not an easy job, because every computer based crime may differ than previous one. That's why every time they develop new strategies to deal with crimes. If someone wants to become a Forensics expert , he / she should have some formal education about computers and applied your knowledge in practical life of forensics science. He / she should have a lot of about investigation process for clearly evaluation of every investigation. The common requirements to become a forensics expert are given below that help us to understand the duties.


  1. Computer forensics expert should have ability to handle the crimes. He / she should collect the solid evidence to start the basic investigation. The evidences may include the photographs, printouts, any documentary proofs, etc. A computer forensics expert should have to collect information from computer running application.
  2. He / she should have to prepare a document of configuration of the computer system. This may include the modem configuration, hard disks order, other storage systems and networking hardware. He / she should try to collect information from portable storage devices like Flash dives or memory cards.
  3. Expert also collects the information about the figure prints on the keyboard keys as well as mouse keys to collect solid evidences.
  4. The expert should has to investigate the available evidences in the lab to attach with the other computer to scan virus and check the latest modification in the data that stored in the storage devices to eject come evidences.
  5. After analyze the presents facts, expert should have to collect more information that may help him / her to prepare a solid investigation report.
  6. The experts should have sound knowledge about legal restrictions of court.
  7. He should also have sound communication skill to communicate with the people those are closely involves with investigation process. These communication skills also help them to collect more evidences from people by convincing them.