I3 Processors

There are may be very few people these days who can deny of the fact that they don’t come across with computers. In fact, one way or other, anyone living in today’s era, somehow interact with computers by some means. This interaction can be directly or indirectly but frankly speaking, today if we take computers out of our lives today, many of daily routine matters can’t be done and we surely get stuck.

Since the invention of this machine (computer), technology companies such as Intel, continuously working on its advancements and that is the reason; these technology giants introduce latest technologies in regular intervals. Talking about the speed of computers, processors come at the top of all components that are directly or indirectly responsible for the speedy process of computers. Internet and latest software require more space and faster processors to run and that is another reason for development of faster processors. Processors introduced by Intel can be categorized into three different categories. These included the entry level, mid level and high end processors. The latest processors that hit recently hit the market are the I3 processors. These latest I3 processor are made to take the place the previous processors named core 2 due processors.

Although core 2 processors are far better than older processors but still they have no competition with new hierarchy of Intel chips known as i3, core i5 and core i7 processors. Core 2 duo processors are still available in the market but these are slowly being phase out of production. Core i3 processors are actually improved shape of core 2 duo processors. As in core 2 duo processor, the new core i3 line of processors, have two cores with many other technological enhancements that includes an integrated GPU (graphic processing unit). Moreover, the clocking frequency of the core i3 processors ranges from 2.26 GHz to 3.06 GHz. Each of i3 processor is coupled with the new line of advanced technologies which include Intel developed Hyper-threading, Intel Virtualization and smart cache technology that makes these chips faster as compare to core 2 duo processors.