Is Samsung's LN46A50 Touch of Color LCD the Ultimate High Definition TV?

What kind of TV would be considered as high definition? Should its price be as high as what a sky rocket can reach and its features are pleasing enough for the President of every country? Well, Samsung defined High Definition through its latest model in addition to its already legendary series.

While different brands have emerged with their up-to-date and more advanced LCD TV models, Samsung did its best to maintain its place and even prevail over the rest of the other brands. This pioneer LCD brand introduced the Samsung Touch of Color flat screen TV. Technically termed as the Samsung Ln52A650 model, that is for the 52-incl flat screen; This new Samsung LCD is ready to set new trends in home television viewing. The traditional piano black color of the screen's interior was touched by an attractive and eye-catching red streak. The overall appearance is a sleek, modern, classy, ​​and elegant screen. This would definitely let you experience the unique opportunity of having your entertainment set be a worthy piece of art. It is expected that other television and LCD manufacturers will be keeping up with this innovation.

However, note that the Touch of Color LCD is not simply amazing only in its exterior. As the pioneer brand, Samsung of course also provides its consumers and supporters the real value for their money. The attractive appearance is just a bonus, as they say. Samsung LCDs still offer brilliant and excellent performance in terms of picture and video quality. Most of the Samsung models are full 1080p High Definition resolution. You will definitely see and experience clear, crisp, and lifelike images.

Additionally, this new model has 4ms response time and an Auto Motion Plus technology that doubles the frame rate of 60Hz making it 120Hz. This new technology makes frame interpolation smooth therefore giving the viewers clear pictures. It actually handles fast moving scenes well making it suitable for sports and action movies enthusiasts.

Moreover, Samsung Ln52A650 has a 50,000 to 1 contrast ration which is actually an improvement of the 25000: 1 ratio in the past years. The ability to produce darkest blacks and lightest whites are determined by the contrast ration. Washed out images may be avoided if you have high contrast ratio. Another great feature is the Infolink or the technology that allows you to access RSS news, weather, and other feeds through the Ethernet port built into the system.

Well, the features are not really revolutionary, but definitely the design of the unit is very attractive. You may find the same features in other brands and the sophisticated design as well but probably Samsung did an incomparable model this time. After all, Samsung is known for quality, affordability, and creativity. This specific model could be an entertainment unit and a piece of art in one. Imagine getting one single object and using it for two purposes! This latest model may be a one sure hit for the consumer market. Definitely, you'll never go wrong with the brand's trusted quality.