Israeli, Emirati technology ministers discuss possible joint projects

Science and Technology Minister Izhar Shay discussed on Wednesday in a virtual meeting with his Emirati counterpart, Industry and Advanced Technology Minister Sultan al-Jaber, possible collaboration in research and development between the countries. 

The discussion focused on fields in which both Israel and the United Arab Emirates have a shared interest. These include, for example, the civil space industry, the advanced agriculture industry and the development of artificial intelligence-based technologies, which both countries have shown an interest in in past occasions. 

The ministers also discussed the development of a foundation that will encourage future scientific and technological joint projects for citizens from both countries.

“These are exciting days for our nations,” Shay said. “As an Israeli citizen and a member of this government, I’m grateful for the opportunity of having this conversation and embarking on a new journey of peace between our countries.”

“Bringing Israeli and Emirati scientists and entrepreneurs together will strengthen the new relationship, serve the shared interests of our nations and will lead to unprecedented accomplishments and prosperity for both countries,” Shay added. 

Al-Jaber also noted the many opportunities that such cooperation can bring, stating that “productive collaboration will lead both countries towards a path of prosperity, regional stability and sustainable peace. Developing our technological industry is a strategic objective for us, and the new relations [between our countries] bring with them exciting opportunities for learning from each other.”

“The entire world has its eyes on us. Together, we’ll show them how this new kind of peace looks like,” Al-Jaber added.    

Shay and Al-Jaber agreed to meet again soon in order to advance the discussed cooperative projects. 

Israel and the UAE signed the historic peace agreement on September 15. 

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