New Technology – Microsoft

Let's look at new technology from Microsoft. The new coffee table will change the world as we know it. The next generation of computer interfaces will be hands-on, forget the keyboard and mouse. It's time for the touch screen.

Windows Vista introduces a new programming model that provides a range of new capabilities and a new set of development tools for the graphic designer and developer. Set yourself free with Microsoft Expression Studio.

There are a lot of retail business scenarios that motivate more interactive kiosks. Microsoft has a number of applications available that can provide a dynamic platform for kiosk scenarios, especially for the retail industry.

The surface has no cables or external USB ports for plugging in peripherals. For that matter, it has no keyboard, no mouse, no trackball – no obvious point of interaction except its screen. When you take a digital camera and place it on the Surface, digital pictures instantly spill out onto the tabletop.

The same applies to using a cellphone on the surface and dragging photos to it – just like that, the pictures upload to the phone. It is like a magic trick. You can drag and drop virtual content to physical objects.

Virtual PC software is changing the computing landscape. It can help you save time and money and achieve more with the computer resources you have. Virtualization lets one computer do the job of multiple computers.

Resources of a single computer are shared across multiple environments. Virtual servers and desktops let you host multiple operating systems and applications in local and remote locations, freeing you from limitations.

In addition to energy savings and lower expenses due to more efficient use of your hardware resources, you get high availability of resources, better desktop management, increased security, and improved disaster recovery.