Raymarine – Fishfinding in HD

Japanese engineers started high-definition technology for your living room, but Raymarine has taken it out to the seas. Its HD Digital fishfinder, as soon as it was out in the market, started making waves in the marine industry.

One of the brand's top products is the A70D Chartplotter / Fishfinder, which boasts a 6.4 "high resolution VGA (640 x 480) color display that's viewable even under direct sunlight. The A70D can adjust right away to changes in water and seabed conditions while delivering a much clearer picture compared to your usual analog fishfinder. You will also never lose a moment of fishfinder display, because of its hands-free automatic operation.

Integrated with a chartplotter, this gadget allows you to mark as targets either the fish you are aiming at or any wreck that you've spotted. You can easily switch screens or use a dual screen all the time.

The patented HD Digital technology of Raymarine lets this Chartplotter / Fishfinder reveals more fish targets than your average fishfinder, because it eliminates surface clutter and can target fish regardless of water depth, turbulence and speed. It can even accurately distinguish bait fish from the larger ones.

You won't have a problem placing this device on your boat, whether on a center console or an open-air cockpit due to its rugged waterproof construction. It also comes with a tilt and swivel bracket complete with a quick release lever. It is recommended that once you take the unit off the boat you use its built-in cable system and caps to keep your cables protected.

For the US users, if you add the SR50 weather receiver, the AD70 can give some entertainment value while you're on your boat. With SIRIUS Satellite radio capability, this amazing gadget lets you control channels and volume of over 100 SIRIUS radio channels. Of course, this is in addition to having a powerful weather receiver using SIRIUS Satellite weather technology.

While a flush mount kit for the AD70 is available from its manufacturer, an excellent line of mounting solutions for marine electronics is also offered by Seaview. Its products range from a selection of standard, ready-to-use mounts to customized mounting solutions. This company continues to work closely with chief international marine electronics producers to come up with durable and tasteful mounts for radars, sailboat and trawler masts, searchlights and other equipment.

Both of these revered marine technology companies have offices in many countries worldwide, so it is easy to find their products through local dealers. You can also find and buy them through online marine equipment shops. You will also find it useful to check out more information about their products on the Internet before purchasing.