FINALLY – How To Install Windows 10 1709 "Fall Creator’s Update" On Older Hardware Systems

The 1709 “Fall Creators Update” was released in October 2017 by Microsoft.

It gave a number of core updates to Windows 10, including the likes of having underlying updates to the operating system, several security updates and a swathe of other feature updates. The good news is the update is entirely free, and downloads automatically on any Windows 10 system that is not fully up to date. The bad news is that it is extremely difficult to install.

The big problem is that there are certain unsupported software and hardware components which can often lead the system to suddenly stop the update – citing “Restoring Previous Version of Windows” to get it back to the level it was previously running at.

Unfortunately, this has meant many people experiencing disrupted service with their PC’s (typically due to the way in which the latest update provides a significant amount of performance upgrades for the system And, characteristically, Microsoft have not really been very forthcoming with solutions.

The answer / solution is actually rather simple. Get rid of ANY older software / hardware which might be causing problems for the system. This includes the likes of antivirus / firewalls AND drivers.

The big one here is the drivers element. We had an older machine running 1703 quite happily. When it came time to upgrade to 1709, however, it kept shutting down and not wanting to continue the installation. After removing antivirus etc, we eventually found that the problem was the old WIFI card that we’d been using (reliably) for the past 6+ years.

After removing the wireless card, and plugging the system directly into our home network through an ethernet cable, it became apparent that the update would progress without a hitch. Not only does that mean the system is able to now …

4 Steps to Follow If You Want to Change Your Apple Watch Band

If you’re already own an Apple watch, you may want to personalize it based on your taste and preferences. The good news is that it’s not difficult to switch Apple watch bands. In this article, we are going to discuss a few steps that can help you to personalize your Apple watch.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that you can’t use a regular watch band for your Apple watch. We will also discuss how you can change your Apple watch band. Read on to know more.

Step #1: Remove the Band

Removing the band is quite easy as you won’t need to use any special tools. Removing the band won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

First of all, you should flip your watch over and locate the two small buttons at the bottom and top. Now, press one button to release the band. Once depressed, it will be easier for you to slide that section of the watch strap out.

Step #2: Choose a Band

It is important to keep in mind that the designs are different for the 42 mm and 38 mm sizes. Therefore, you may want to choose the right size.

Once you have determined the size, you should go to the Apple Store. You can also check out an online store where you can check out a lot of official designs. All of these watch bands are durable. However, keep in mind that you will have to spend a bit of money to purchase them as they are not inexpensive.

Step #3: Go for a Standard Watch Band

You can also use a regular watch band on your Apple watch. All you need to do is get an adaptor. Basically, these are just bungs that you can hook into …

Clutter and Hoarding – Your Brain Chemistry Can Help!

Many clutterers feel frustrated, easily exhausted, unfocused, and just plain stressed. These problems can actually result from in imbalance in your brain chemistry. Sound far fetched or high-tech? Not at all. This is good news because the solutions are healthy and simple to do. Discover three easy ways to adjust your brain chemistry work better for you today. You can boost your brain to help you clear your clutter!

Let’s take a quick look at what two brain chemicals do for your well-being. Dopamine is connected with energy, clarity, the ability to focus, motivation, and pleasurable feelings. Serotonin helps with mood control, “happy” feelings, calmness, managing anxiety, warding off depression, and good sleep. Women are generally low in serotonin, while men are generally low in dopamine.

So can your brain chemistry help you with clutter? Many clutterers and hoarders tend to have many of the symptoms described for low serotonin and low dopamine levels. There are some simple and safe ways to balance out these chemicals. You can give yourself a great boost for clearing your mind and your clutter.

Here are some easy things to consider. Nothing here is absolute – just see what works for you.

Proper Nutrition: Eating a nutritious breakfast is an important way to start the day. You could have a piece of fruit, some oatmeal and make sure you have some protein such as an egg. You especially need protein, vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 to create serotonin and dopamine. Morning is the best time for creating serotonin, so have a healthy breakfast. Just make it simple and delicious, avoiding sugary treats like donuts or candy bars.

Gentle Exercise: Gentle exercise is a great way to raise dopamine and serotonin levels. According to Dr John Gray, author of the well-known Mars and Venus relationship, …

Criteria For The Best Antivirus Software

Looking for the best antivirus software is not an easy thing to do. There are many kinds of antivirus programs, and computer users have different preferences and needs. In fact, if you ask someone what he thinks is the best antivirus software he may reply he does not know. Or he may reply that he is using what he thinks is the best software, even if he has not tried other software before. Indeed, how do you know if your antivirus program is the most excellent?

But first, why do we need good antivirus software? We need to make sure that our computer is in good shape, and that it will not crash anytime soon. This is especially true if we use our computer for hours every day. Also, we need to make sure our files our safe from harmful viruses and users who are not supposed to have access to them. Currently, we hear about news about malicious programs that steal our personal information such as credit card number, social security information, and email passwords. The best antivirus software will protect us from all these threats, and it will make sure that we can use our computer safely and securely.

So what is the best antivirus software? First, it should be easy to use. If the software promises an easy installation, it should have a clean and easy-to-use interface. It should also be easy for all computer users to understand. It should not complicate simple instructions and prompts. Also, it should be efficient and effective. But there are many programs out there, so how will you know that one is the best antivirus program? Search for reviews and look for test results by independent agencies that certify antivirus programs. In addition, make sure that your computer is compatible with …

Can AI Combat Fake News?

The phenomena of “fake news” may have captured the imagination of Americans during the 2016 Presidential Campaign and the later investigation of Russia’s attempts to swing the election to Donald Trump using fake news on Facebook among other schemes.

The truth is that fake or phoney news has been around as a tool for a while and by many to spread propaganda and conspiracy theories for many years prior to the 2016 election. Websites including InfoWars and Brietbart among others have been spreading fake news that supports their agendas.

However, it has become a political and societal issue since the election and poor Facebook has become the poster child of websites that fell for the scheme.

Recently the social media company has admitted to its mistakes and has tried to make things right with their subscribers. It is now flagging phoney news articles that are going to Facebook members via their news feed. It is using AI to achieve this.

The company is using AI to identify words or phrases that might signify that an article is actually fake. The data for this task is based on the articles that Facebook members have flagged individually as being bogus stories.

The technology is currently using four methods to spot fake news. They include:

  • Score Web Pages. First to use this technique was Google. It uses facts to create a score for websites. Obviously, scoring websites is an act in progress. Yet, as Google has been doing it, the technology has grown significantly.
  • Weigh Facts. This method is using natural language processing engines to review the subject matter of stories. AI using other models finds out if other sites are reporting the same facts.
  • Predict Reputation. This technique is based on AI using predictive analytics and machine learning to forecast the reputation