Science May Be The Real Winner In 2020 Polls

As the 2020 election looms, an intriguing new poll shows that Americans agree on one key issue: science. The survey published by Research!America shows that Americans overwhelmingly support science, regardless of their political parties.

According to the survey analysis, a strong majority of Americans agree that “the Covid-19 pandemic is a disruptive event and requires urgent refocusing of America’s commitment to science.” 88% believe that science benefits them and 89% believe that America should maintain its global leadership in science. Exactly. 

The unprecedented avalanche of misinformation that has been spread during the Covid-19 pandemic has been discouraging to both scientists and the public they serve. As people struggle to find the information they need to make decisions about life in the pandemic, the survey indicates that they still consider science the standard. 

Not only were survey participants committed to science, they were committed to funding for scientific research. Regardless of political affiliation, 66% of respondents were willing to pay $1 more a week in taxes to support scientific research. And that funding is needed because according to a recent report the U.S. is spending less and less on research. In fact, America is now in tenth place among other OECD nations for the share of GDP spent on research and development. 

“The level of bipartisan public consensus in this survey shows that support for science is much more than an agreement; it’s a mandate to elected officials to do more. It’s time for a national refocus on science so we may address the issues top of mind for Americans and live up to our full potential as a science-strong nation,” said Mary Woolley, Research!America President and CEO and a co-chair of the working group in a press release. 

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Google will block election ads after polls close on Nov. 3

Google will block election ads after polls close on Election Day.

James Martin/CNET

This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET’s coverage of the run-up to voting in November.

Google plans to broadly block ads related to the US election after polls close on Nov. 3, the tech giant confirmed to CNET. Google sent an email to advertisers on Friday saying it will implement its sensitive event policy for political ads in order to avoid confusion, according to Axios, which obtained a copy of the email.

Google said in the email that its taking this step due to “an unprecedented amount of votes will be counted after Election Day this year,” according to Axios. The policy will block ads referencing candidates, the election, or the election results. It will also apply more broadly to ads that reference federal or state elections and ads that are targeting election-related search queries such as candidates. 

The policy will apply across all of Google’s ad platforms, including Google Ads, DV360, YouTube and AdX Authorized Buyer. It’s unclear when the block will be lifted. 

Google isn’t the only tech giant limiting political ads around the election. Twitter last year barred some types of political ads, and Facebook earlier this month said it will limit political ads in the week before the US election. Facebook will also reportedly reject ads from political campaigns that declare victory before official results are available.

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