5 Books to Read if You Want to Understand the Future of Work

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5 Books to Read if You Want to Understand the Future of Work

An Oxford economist recommends the best books to get up to speed on the future of work.


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Will robots take all our jobs? And if they do, will that be a good thing or a bad thing? How will we have to change our politics, education system, and economy to respond to tech-based disruption of the labor market?

Everyone from Elon Musk and Bill Gates to Stephen Hawking and a host of presidential candidates has loudly disagreed about these important questions. If you’re not an economist or an A.I. expert, the debates can be confusing. How can you direct your business, your kid’s education, or your own learning if even the experts can’t agree on what the future of work will look like?

If you want to make sense of the future of work, you need a solid foundation of knowledge on the subject. On always fascinating book recommendation site Five Books recently, Oxford economist and author of the much celebrated World Without Work, Daniel Susskind, insists the basics you need to participate intelligently in these conversations is just five books away. Here are his picks:

1. The New Division of Labor by Frank Levy and Richard J Murnane

What jobs will become obsolete thanks to technology? This classic 2005 book says the key distinction is between ‘routine’ and ‘non-routine’ tasks, with those in routine jobs having the most to fear. This argument has grown more complicated as A.I. advances, but Susskind insists getting a handle on the distinction is essential as so many conversations about the

Tips to Read Faster and Better, Find More Time to Enjoy Your Life

Learning and even keeping up with technology, news, health and investment reports in this information age can seem overwhelming. Many people can actually cover tons of material but in actuality the fastest reading people with the best comprehension and understanding of content have the advantage in many aspects of business, life and even finances.

Do you want to become a fast reader? Reading faster is not about going through text of books without understanding the context. Rather, it is about taking in the information in at an enjoyable manner but still pick up the speed. The question is if it takes you a few days to finish a long novel how would you like to finish those same novels in a few hours? If you would like to speed up your reading time to this pace, then this article is for you!

Do Not Sound out the Words

When we were kids, we were taught to sound out the words in our head. Of course, this is an effective method in teaching kids to read. However, we carry this habit into our adult years as well. This technique is called sub-vocalization, and this surely affects our reading speed. The problem with this technique is that our eyes register the text much faster when compared to inner monologue. Hence try to avoid this, and it can be achieved through practice and concentration.

Stop Reading Word by Word

Another common mistake is reading text word by word. This is another practice that slows down your reading speed. Try to read in chunks. Few people will read the whole sentence. However, you can eliminate the prepositions and scan for only the important words. Our brain is complex and hence it has a great ability to fill in gaps of information.

Preview the Material

What Attracts Internet Users to Read Technology and Gadgets Blog

Blog is similar to a website, generally owned by a single person. Be it technology news, general news, recent updates, general discussion, image uploads, thought sharing; anything can take its place within a blog. The person, responsible for updating the blog with latest posts is called a blogger. Well, Technology blog is no different from others. Interestingly, technology and Gadgets blogs are the two most popularly read blogs. There are certain reasons as to why internet users prefer reading technology blogs every single day.

Tech bloggers are quite ardent with the recent updates:

Tech bloggers give least importance for money. What they look for is only the technology stuff and the latest releases from the same. Things like latest software, hardware vendors, latest invention, and issues in gadgets, technology discovery, technical difficulties and so on attract them the most. Blogs may sometimes act as a discussion forum, where tech bloggers can start sharing their new innovation, thereby gaining trust from other blog readers, building a community and what not.

Free Advice:

Novice Internet users having middle level computing skill read these blogs to gain advice from expert tech bloggers. They are people who are ardent about enriching their computer knowledge. They tend to learn something new everyday. Amusingly, technology and gadgets blog paves way for things to be learnt quite easily, because the blog owners update technical information that is quite understandable.

Novice computer users love to evade harmful mistakes:

It can give us a big headache if something goes wrong with our PC. Being a newbie to computer usage, we tend to learn what’s new. That’s why, people read technology blogs because of the abundant information available out there, including, PC security, virus alert and so on.

Be thankful for the invention of Internet. Now, you can learn anything …

Why Should We Read Magazines?

Nowadays, we are leading a mechanical life. Most of us don’t even know what is happening around us. Most of us concentrate on money, job, school, university etc. Most of us are even forgetting to take care of our family life, i.e., wife, children and parents. Then what about updating us with latest news, technologies?

Sure, some of us watch news and read various websites. The news that we read and watch are from different categories. But they may not update us with all the information on a particular category. This is where the magazines comes to rescue us.

Suppose we want to know news related to the information technology category, what will you do?

I feel you guessed it right. The answer is to read the it magazines.

By reading various magazines, we can:

1) Improve our knowledge.

2) Know the latest news.

3) Know about the latest technologies.

4) Pass out spare time

Improve out knowledge

Magazines publish various knowledge related articles that help us educate our selves. Magazines are also the source of various step by step tutorials. They publish in-detail, in-depth knowledge related articles. Then can be termed as the knowledge-sharing platforms. The publishers of the magazines are mostly well-educated people and experienced people in relevant categories. So, when we read those articles or tutorials, we will definitely gains some knowledge.

Know the latest news

We watch television news and read various websites that we know. By doing this, we will know so much but not everything. As, I said above, the television and news websites help us know the news in different categories but they do not help us know all the latest news in the particular category. Here, you may browse some more websites of your interest to know most of the latest updated …