3 Reasons Modern Farmers Are Adopting IoT Technology at an Astounding Rate

It seems like everything today is touched in some way by the Internet of Things. It is changing the way goods are produced, the way they are marketed, and the way they are consumed. A great deal of the IoT conversation has revolved around transformation in industries like manufacturing, petrochemical, and medicine, but one industry that has already seen widespread adoption of IoT technology is often overlooked: agriculture.

Of course, many of us are very familiar with some of the efforts that have been made to optimize food production. As populations continue to grow, there has been a serious and sustained drive to increase the crop yield from our available arable land. Some of these efforts have not been particularly popular with consumers (ie pesticides, GMOs).

With the advent of new technology and the Internet of Things, farmers are finding new ways to improve their yields. Fortunately for us, these new ways are decidedly less disturbing than toxic chemicals and genetic manipulation. Using sensors and networked communication, farmers are discovering ways to optimize already-known best practices to increase yield and reduce resource consumption.

If it's surprising that the agricultural industry would be technological innovators, it's worth considering how agriculture is in many ways an ideal testbed for new technology.

There are a few good reasons for this:

1. Ease of Deployment

Unlike in other industries, deploying sensors and other connected devices on a farm can be relatively easy and inexpensive. In a heavy industrial environment like a factory or refinery, new technology must replace old technology that is thoroughly embedded in the production infrastructure. There are concerns about downtime and lost revenue, as well as concerns about finding the right products or group of products to integrate into their existing technological ecosystem. On a typical farm, there is no need …

Reasons Why USB-C Is Indispensable for Your Brand New MacBook

You might have noticed something strange in the latest smartphones, tablets and even laptops. The biggest change is the familiar rectangular Type-A USB ports are missing, and now there are small oblong connectors. This welcomes to the world of USB-C era of business computing.

While majority of the flagship iPads and iPhones comes with Apple's most proprietary Lightning connector, USB-C is now have become part and parcel of most of the devices like MacBook, phones, tablets and lot more. Let's have a peep into the concept of USB-C before dealing with the reasons why it is indispensable for a new MacBook.

Redefining Speed ​​- USB-C

USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is a brand new connector for transferring data as well as the power to and from computing devices. The plug of the connector is symmetrical and thus one can insert the same either way. This alone feature makes it the biggest hit among the users, but at the same time, it also has many other new technologies.

Let's now plunge into the reasons!

• Relatively Small and Compact

The availability of USB Type-C is a new connector standard that is relatively small. The best thing is that this latest device is supposed to be one-third in height and half of the width for any standard USB Type A connector. USB-C for MacBooks is indeed one of the best options as this is a small single connector and on the top of that users can use it across any given devices.

• Terribly Fast

The ports of MacBook Pro are actually fast. The revolutionary ports are capable of transmitting data utilizing the super-fast speeds of the USB protocol up to 10 gigabits per second. On the other side, using USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support built-in peripherals will enable users to …

Top Reasons To Use Node Js

Node.Js is an open source cross platform based on JavaScript. It provides the developers a JavaScript runtime environment to develop new web tools and web applications. All the new developments in the field of web are due to Node.js technology. Since its invention in 2009, many businesses have benefitted a lot by shifting to it. Walmart and LinkedIn are the two top businesses that have moved to Node.js and have increased their customer databases.

Top Reasons to Use It

Every new technology brings some advantages for businesses. Node.js, being the latest technology, has benefitted the developers a lot in web development tools and applications. Following are some of the reasons to use Node.js in Web Development.


The very first and the most important reason to use Node.js is the lightning fast speed it brings. This increased speed is due to V8 engine which is on which the Node.js is based. This V8 engine has the ability to translate JavaScript into local machine codes and increase speed. Another reason for this increased speed is the making of single string instead of multiple strings. This solution is also speedy because it reduces the number of servers required for certain application. LinkedIn and PayPal are the two businesses that have benefitted a lot with its blazing fast speed.

2-JavaScript Universality

The next reason why Node is being used worldwide is the use of JavaScript. JavaScript is recognized all over the world because the codes in JavaScript are same for the servers and the clients. Moreover, almost all the developers know JavaScript and can meet the changing demands of the businesses through getting control on the code.

3-Used as Proxy Server

Use as Proxy Server also makes Node.js the mostly used technology. It fills in the gap if the business has no infrastructure …

10 Reasons To Fear Know-how

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I have quoted the statistics earlier than that clearly present, by a big margin, Christians, and to a somewhat lesser extent different Conservative folks, give far more cash to charity, donate more of their time to volunteer, and even give much more blood.

However, I …