Official render reveals the Huawei Mate 40 series’ unique camera array

huawei mate 40 octagonal camera array
  • An official render of a Huawei Mate 40 series phone has surfaced online.
  • The render suggests at least one of the phones in the series will sport an octagonal camera array.
  • It seems the phone will also sport physical volume buttons.

Growing tired of the all-too-common rectangle camera arrays on flagships? The Huawei Mate 40 series may represent something of a break. According to a teaser (via GSMArena) posted to Weibo by Huawei’s head of mobile product, He Gang, at least one of the phones in the range will sport an octagonal camera array.

Judging by the render, the six-sided array will occupy a large portion of the phone’s upper third. It’s a stark departure from previous non-official renders portraying the Mate 40 with a circular camera array. The render doesn’t give us much info on the actual sensor arrangement or how many shooters will be present. Huawei fans will likely be hoping for the P40 Pro Plus‘ excellent penta-camera setup.

huawei mate 40 octagonal camera array full render

Other design info we can glean includes the welcome return of a physical volume rocker and power button. This should make the Mate 40 considerably more usable than the Huawei Mate 30 Pro with its quirky touch controls. The teaser reveals little about the phone’s internals or specs, but we do know for sure this will be the last Mate series with flagship Kirin silicon.

We don’t have to wait long for an official announcement, though. Huawei will debut the Mate 40 series on October 22 in China. You may have to wait a little longer for availability in other global markets, though.

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Microsoft alerts Android users of new ransomware that could render smartphone useless

Microsoft is responsible for locating and dealing with potentially dangerous malwares on their own Windows operating system. However, the tech company claims that they try to use their expertise to provide benefits to operating systems beyond their own. According to the company’s cybersecurity blog, Android users should be aware of the new and evolving malwares that target the operating system.

In their official blog, the company stated that they have found a piece of a particularly sophisticated Android ransomware with novel techniques and behavior, exemplifying the rapid evolution of mobile threats that have also been observed on other platforms.

Microsoft claims that this new mobile ransomware was detected by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint as AndroidOS/MalLocker.B. This new malware is the latest variant of a ransomware family that’s been in the wild for a while but has been evolving non-stop, according to the blog.

The ransomware, according to Microsoft, masks itself as popular apps, cracked game or video players. It is known to be found on arbitrary websites which are circulated on online forums. The new malware is specially dangerous as the software company claims that despite being malicious in many ways, it was able to dodge the existing protections and showed a low detection rate against security solutions.

This new malware will not block the users access to the files, instead it will just block access to the device by displaying a screen that appears over every other window, such that the user can’t do anything else. On this screen, the ransom note mentions the potential threats and also provides instructions to pay the ransom.

Microsoft claims that malware uses Android features to display this ransom note and it is the first time the company’s cybersecurity experts have come across such a virus. It also incorporates an open-source machine learning

Amazon’s very different Prime Day could render Black Friday an afterthought


In Amazon’s Prime Day ad this year, even the cartoon dog walker is wearing a mask.


This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide on everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Last year’s Amazon Prime Day TV ad featured geometric cartoon townspeople — who built their trucks, parade floats and houses out of Amazon delivery boxes — at a boisterous parade, with a liveried band showing off all the great deals on fashion, home goods and electronics. In 2020, the backdrop is a suburban neighborhood where the same fictional characters are home, socially distanced watching a movie from a backyard projector or celebrating a new shipment of pajamas. Those on the street are wearing masks.

That’s right, even Amazonville appears to have been stricken by the COVID-19 lockdown, highlighting what an entirely changed Prime Day it will be in 2020.

“Amazon in years past, they have been promoting Prime Day as a celebration. It was more of an uplifting tone,” said Sara Skirboll, shopping and trends expert for deals site RetailMeNot. “This year it will be different, it will be more practical — more things that people need and less things they want.”

There’s no rulebook for how to throw a giant company-invented sales event during a pandemic, but Amazon is making a go at it, with Prime Day coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will have to set the right tone for a US beset by grief, social unrest and a sour economy and a world in the grips of the novel coronavirus. Consumers will get an early jump on holiday shopping and hopefully

‘Inclusion of NAAS, TAAS, and Farmers’ Union recommendations in Pesticides Management Bill 2020 will render it science-based and pro-farmer’ – brand post

The Pesticides Management Bill 2020 (PMB) that was tabled in the Rajya Sabha during budget session is a great opportunity for the Government to include the experts’ recommendations of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) and the Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences (TAAS), which were prepared after comprehensive consultation with all stakeholders, including farming community.

The Pesticide Management Bill, 2020, is a long-overdue law in the making since 2008. It will replace the old Insecticides Act, 1968. Considering advances in the modern pest management sciences and the effects of synthetic pesticides in our food, nutrition, health, wealth, and environment security, the Pesticide Management Bill should bring India’s pesticide sector in line with the latest global norms, with a robust Regulatory System.

Prof R.B. Singh, Former President, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), said, “The PMB in the present form is not based on scientific facts and does not adequately address the concerns of the farmers. The internalization of the NAAS and TAAS recommendations into the PMB will not only enhance the credibility of the Bill, but would also greatly augment the agro-ecological and socio-economic impact of pesticides as plant health chemicals towards Greening Agricultural Transformation in the country.”

He reiterated that pesticides play an important role in increasing agricultural productivity and preventing crop losses. However, despite very low intensity of pesticide use in the country, less than 0.5 kg/ha, against over 13 kg/ha in China, due to their indiscriminate use, negative impact on the health of humans, animals, biodiversity, and environment are not uncommon. The PMB 2020 has several loopholes and is silent on critical issues which will allow miscreants to compromise farmers’ welfare and socio-economic and environmental security. The NAAS and TAAS, involving the stakeholders along the value-chain, have scientifically identified the shortcomings and made science-informed recommendations

Cloud Render Technology For Best Service

The world is changing and moving forward every day. What was new in the past has become old and outdated now and new things are replacing the old things. We get to know new things every day. Similarly, new technologies and new ways of doing things are emerging every day. One such technology is the cloud render technology.

As the name implies, the cloud render service is a hybrid of the cloud technology and the render technology. The cloud allows its users to store their data on an online server. They can then access their data and files from anywhere in the world. The data is protected from others with the help of a password. The data is inaccessible without an internet connection which is very clear. This technology is a great help for those who move around a lot in different places. If they ever to any place where they forget to take their mass storage device, they can access their data from the internet cloud server. In the same way, it allows them to stop worrying about carrying their USB flash drive to wherever they go to. As far as the render technology is concerned, it is used for processing of the images. This technology uses the data and information to create real-time images which include the various effects such as lighting and the shading.

The images created are very realistic. These images are used in production of movies, animations or they are simply used as images. This render technology has made it easy for those who are concerned with the graphic designing to create high quality images. The job is easy and they can do it in a very simple way using the render software. When the render technology and the cloud technology are mixed, it gives …