Reasons Why The Global Environmental Challenges Call for International Collaboration Among Scholars

The environment is the haven for human life. Its wanton degradation in this age calls for the most urgent attention by scholars from all fields. Many environmentalists and enthusiasts for the conservation of biodiversity like myself believe that designing effective strategies to arrest this canker of deleterious attitudes and activities of people requires a pluralistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Relying solidly on a truncated approach to only science and technology for solutions to the global environmental menace cannot yield the most benefits. This is largely due to the multi-faceted nature of the global environmental challenges which call for a good collaboration between the various academic disciplines.

To illustrate, the world needs economic and mathematical insights from economists and mathematicians on how to effectively manage the biodiversity resources, setting the right measure between usage and conservation (sustainability). The scientists, engineers, and technocrats must come out with new technologies such as biomimetics and other biotechnological approaches to sustain the endangered species in our environment. Artists must beef up the sensitization campaigns through their well-designed communication design tools. Anthropologists and culturists and religionists must strategize on how to change the weak and / or bad behavioral attitudes of people by picking powerful lessons from their cultures (norms, religious beliefs, values, ethics, by-laws) to appealing to their morals and influence them to engage in environmental friendly activities, protecting nature which humans serve as trustees or stewards. The historians must help us trace what went wrong in nibbing the global environmental situation in the mud. This would reliably inform us what went wrong and how we can change the wrong decisions humans made in the past, so that the past would not continue to haunt us. The agriculturists must strategize and inform us on improved agricultural practices that would not worsen the global environmental situation, but …

Review of "Present At The Future"


I chose to review the book “Present at the Future” by Ira Flatow, a book that covers a plethora of modern technology topics and their origins. Ira Flatow is a science journalist AND the host of a radio talk show, “Talk of the Nation: Science Friday”. He is also the author of Rainbows, Curve Balls, and They All Laughed.

The book covers a huge amount of small topics, covers the myths associated with them, and then explains the scientific truth behind each one of them. One example of this would be the teaching of Bernoulli’s principle in school to explain why airplanes fly, when in actuality it is Newton’s third law of motion: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Air goes down, the plane moves up.

In this book Ira says that he wants to share the “aha” moment with everyone. Flatow takes interviews that he has done on his radio show and converts them into interesting analyses of scientific topics. To me, the book was about questioning things that we have been told. To step back and examine things closer, to find out the truth on our own.

“Present At The Future” covers many topics. The book begins with different intellectual discussions on the brain. Flatow discusses how are brains begin as we develop. He then moves on to topics that cover memory loss, the effects of music on the brain, addiction and why we need sleep. The next part in the book moves on to cosmology. In this section, the universe, dark matter, and string theory are discussed. Then Flatow moves on to global warming. Here he discusses the effects on coastal cities and our obligations as human beings in this matter. Next, global warming is covered as the book moves to energy …

The Era of Electronic Gadgets

Have you ever pondered what our lives would be without electronic gadgets? Our lives would come to a standstill without the use of electric devices. Electronic gadgets, nowadays, are no doubt a blessing of God. Thanks to the development in science and technology, brand new technological gadgets are being sold like hot-cakes in the marketplaces and online!

Consumer electronics consist of electronic equipment intended for everyday use like communications, education, work productivity and entertainment. If you are in search of buying a new electronic equipment for domestic use or for professional purposes, for educational institutions or business centers, websites and online advertisements can help you a lot to buy, sitting within the comforts of your home!

By using search engines, you can easily track websites and find lots of information on cool new electronics and the hottest new electronic gadgets such as phones, computers, digital cameras, TVs, stereos, video-games, HDTV, MP3 players, DVDs, Camcorders, spy gadgets, audio and video equipment and all the latest gadgets in technology. Not only this, you can also get information on gaming, home appliances, wholesale electronics, refurbished computers, parts and components, shopping and instructional tips and lots more.

The hottest electronic gadget for the younger generation is audio-video equipment, like head phones, microphones, speakers, etc., for their online chatting or social networking purposes. They are cost-effective and convenient. They have a craze for camcorders and digital cameras too. Digital video recorders can also be a great use in carrying out their educational projects and home assignments.

Hand held devices like iPods, GPS Navigators and devices, pocket PCs, portable DVD player, USB are some of the important electronic gadgets that are popular in the present world. Pocket PCs have got the world closer in a more compact way. The hand-held computers operate on similar line of …

Data Science and Its Wide Range of Applications

Companies and Organizations have become wise and intelligent enough to sell and push products on the basis of the customer's interest and purchasing power by using this field called Data Science. These applications mentioned below shows how they have managed to win our minds and hearts.


For Speech recognition, products like Cortana, Google Voice, Alexa, Siri etc. are the perfect examples. If one gets bored to type a text or is not in a position to type, then this application comes in handy. You just need to speak and it will automatically be converted to text. Thus making life much much easier!


We use Google more than we use our handbooks, Right? Google or be it any other search engines like ASK, Bing, Yahoo and so on has made our life easy peasy. Would it be possible for these search engines to exist if Data Science did not? The answer is simply NO. It's the algorithms of Data Science that convey the well matched and best result of our search query in a few seconds. Every day, Google processes greater than 20 petabytes of data. It's Data Science that has made Google what it is today.


Machine Learning algorithms are used in games to auto upgrade when the player reaches the next or higher level. By utilizing data science, EA Sports, Nintendo, Sony, Activision-Blizzard, Zynga have guided gaming events to the next or higher level. When it comes to motion gaming, the player's opponent, that is, the computer, examines the player's previous moves and shapes up the game accordingly.


Finance had been the earliest Data Science applications. Losses and Bad debts every year had made companies fed up. While conforming loans a fair amount, data was collected at …

The Reasons Agriculture is Important

Why is agriculture important? The concept of ‘food security’ is fundamentally important, and for that reason, agriculture is important. The task of feeding its people has been perhaps the first priority of its rulers throughout history. As such, agriculture is considered to be the very basis of political and social stability of a nation since times immemorial.

Moreover, the agricultural sector plays an important role in the sphere of providing large scale employment to people. Large and moderately large farms employ workers to undertake the various jobs relating to cultivation of crops and care of farm animals. In most of the countries of the world, agriculture still remains the biggest sector responsible for the employing and feeding a large percentage of the population.

Agriculture is also important from the point of view of appraising the standard of a country’s development, based on the competence of its farmers. Poorly trained farmers cannot apply the advanced methods and new technologies. The prominence of science and technology in the development of agriculture is quite clear from the words of Deng Xiaoping –

The development of agriculture depends first on policy, and second on science. There is neither any limit to developments in science and technology, nor to the role that they can play in the field of agricultural growth’.

Though agriculture often plays a contributory role in the ‘Gross Domestic Product’ – GDP – of most countries, it nevertheless requires a substantial boost from both the local and the international community.

Agriculture is traditionally based on bulk manufacturing. Harvesting is done once a season, most of the times, and stocked and used later. In fact, some thinkers opine that people have begun to adopt ‘batch processing’ and ‘stocking’ in manufacturing, as a result of the practices from agricultural thinking. Before industrialization, people with …