Amidst all the outcry about whether to vote in person or ia the mail, what about on the device where you’re probably reading this now? Why not the smartphone in your pocket?

Leading tech entrepreneurs like Andrew Yang and Bradley Tusk have called for online voting as a way to increase voter participation.

And this year, in a very limited way, despite the many critics who say that online voting in unsafe and susceptible to hacking, it’s actually happening for the 2020 presidential election.

Military, certain disabled and overseas citizens will be able to vote on a mobile device for the presidential election in West Virginia, South Carolina and Umatilla County, Oregon.

Voting may be headed to mobile devices in the future. (Photo: hermosawave/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

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Mac Warner, the West Virginia secretary of state, says he wanted to find a way for the military, primarily, to be able to cast their votes and have them tabulated on a timely basis. Because it’s a small section of the electorate, he was willing to take a chance on the system.

Before going wider, he needs to see that the technology works. “I’m a traditionalist,” he says. “I still think voting in person is the most secure way of voting. But I’m advocating for the people who can’t get to our polls.”

The West Virginia system is being run through a company called Democracy Live, which competes with the firm Voatz, which worked with West Virginia for military online votes in 2018.

How it works: You download an app, use biometrics to verify your identity, vote and submit. The vote is printed out at the election office