The Most Effective Method of Tattoo Removal Is Known As the R20

There are a lot of people who have had tattoos for whatever reason in the past but now want to get them removed. There are various different reasons for this, but they have been frightened of stories about it hurting more than the actual tattoo did in the first place.

New technology has meant that there have been great advancements in the tattoo removal field making the whole process much quicker meaning that there is a lot less stress and pain involved.

Many tattoo studios have taken advantage of this new technology in order to give each customer that comes to them for this service the best possible experience and to give them the best peace of mind possible.

The R20 method is seen as a great advantage to anyone wanting a tattoo removed as it decreases the amount of sessions needed therefore reducing the amount of time needed. This in turn can reduce the amount of money needed to get your ink removed.

It has proven to have many advantages over previous methods. The single pass laser methods would mean you would have to have a minimum of 6 sessions with a 4-6 week wait between each one. This means for a simple tattoo it could take up to 6 months for it to finally disappear.

To prove how effective this new method is, the American Academy of Dermatology confirms that just one session can reduce the visibility of a normal black tattoo by up to 85% depending on size.

Basically what it entails is four treatments in one session with just a 20 minute wait between each pass of the area. It can be used for any tattoo regardless of size, color or depth of ink.

If you decide to go forward with this method it is always best to look at different studios in order to see who can offer this at the best price. It is more expensive than the conventional method but due to the fact it is around 50% quicker, the final price is the same if not cheaper.

When having a consultation with the chosen studio it is important to have the R20 process explained to you by the artist who will be doing the removal for you so that you can see if you feel completely at ease with them.

To put your mind more at ease your removal professional will be able to explain that this method is proven to reduce the amount of scarring once you have had your tattoo removed meaning that healing time is also greatly reduced. This is something that a lot of people would be very happy to hear.

Going to a highly trained expert is important when opting for this if you have a tattoo that has varying colors in it. This is because each color has different pigmentation and can prove harder to remove, meaning that different strength lasers would need to be used, so the artist will need to know what they are doing.

You will also have it explained to you about any possible side effects. Although this is rare the expert will be able to tell you of any possible ones so that you canbe fully prepared and are fully aware.

General advice is to think long and hard before getting a tattoo, however the opinion of this is that everyone gets a tattoo for a personal reason. If there was a time that you would want it removed for whatever reason, you can rest assured that it can be done with the best possible technology with minimal, if any, amount of scarring.