The Mystery Behind Mental Disorders And Dreams

Today we learn many things about humanity and the world from the beginning of our lives. We became more intelligent thanks to the transmission of information to the entire world.

Everything was totally different in the past, when time passed slowly and everything was complicated and difficult. However, people had time to talk and sing together because there was no television.

We believe that our historical time is very advanced because we have many alternatives that our ancestors couldn't have thanks to our scientific and technological progress, but the truth is that the world became more than commercial, and everyone is forced to become a marketer in our cruel and greedy system.

The truth is that falsity characterizes every person because we have a satanic nature and marketing is a theater based on manipulation.

Since everyone here is forced to be a marketer (directly or indirectly), everyone is greedy, even if this is not visible. The intention to make money is a necessity for everyone, but it became a true obsession for most people because they were controlled by their absurd anti-conscience and they became extremely materialistic.

In this aspect we can visibly verify the degradation of the human spirit. We started doing everything we can in order to make money, abandoning philosophy, religion, and art. Only science and technology seem to be important for the modern civilization.

In parallel with the terror that characterizes the life of the poor and the weak, the world became a theater where everyone is busy trying to make money, since everyone here is selling either goods or services.

Science is part of the marketing game, exactly like our hypocritical justice.

We abandoned our religion, considering it a stupidity that couldn't be scientifically explained, and therefore, had no value.

We abandoned the introspections of brilliant philosophers, who analyzed our tragic history based on superior thoughts and conclusions because they could see what most people disregard.

We stopped being able to understand the beautiful messages contained in poems.

Therefore, we cannot say that we are more intelligent than our ancestors. Perhaps Socrates was more intelligent than those who are able to use computers.

The truth is that there were various extraordinary exceptions in our long history, marked by cruelty and injustice. Some people could make a difference, whereas the biggest part of the population unavoidably followed the commercial world and tried to adapt to its rules.

How about you?

What will you do now that you know that the biggest part of your brain contains craziness because you are in fact a demon who must be transformed and cured?

Will you obey God's guidance in your dreams in order to become a mentally healthy human being and attain sanctity?

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung helped me find explanations for many unexplained phenomena and discover the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

The bitter truth is that the human being is Satan. God tries to transform our satanic nature into human nature thanks to the tiny conscience we receive from birth, and thanks to the information He gives us in our dreams and in our religion.

Now we can understand why we have many psychological problems from the beginning of our lives and why we are so stupid, violent, immoral, absurd, and cruel.

We are in fact violent primates that can think. We followed an evolutionary process, but we still are more than far from being reasonable, calm, sensitive, and intelligent. We need psychotherapy.

God created our planet with the characteristics that could help us follow a mental health treatment and learn the meaning of goodness. The fact that we must stop being cruel vampires that exploit and kill one another defines the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

Our wars and crimes confirm our satanic nature, but we don't define our behavior as we should. If we don't seem to be absurd according to the definitions of the hypocritical and ignorant world we believe that we are 'normal', even though we are totally insensitive.

God created for us a planet where many animals violently kill and eat other animals with the intention to survive in order to show us how cruel we are, while we believe that we only have the intention to survive.

We can think. We are not as stupid as irrational animals, but our reasoning is absurd, and we are ignorant.

We can survive and share our bread without killing and exploiting other people. We can also survive by eating vegetables, without being murderers like wild animals.

The fact that we are rational animals does not mean that we are intelligent. We are very far from sound mental health and wisdom, and we act like irrational animals in many situations.

We are like wild lions, but we hide our cruelty, and we have a few human characteristics. These characteristics are artificial because they were created by God, who gave us a conscience that works based on human standards in order to help us eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and become really human.

You have to be a good student and patient and pay attention to God's lessons in your dreams. God's messages are therapeutic because He knows the information you need in order to agree with Him instead of agreeing with Satan.

All mental disorders are generated by our satanic anti-conscience through absurd thoughts. Thoughts are very dangerous alternatives.

This means that you must be afraid of your thoughts, especially when they have an evil character, and remember that only goodness can help you find peace and sound mental health.