This year’s PC Gaming Show airs June 12 at 12:30 pm PT

There’s technically no E3 this year, but like migratory birds guided by Earth’s magnetic field, flocks of game announcements will pass through Southern California this June anyway. 2022’s most exciting group, recognizable by their RGB plumage, will congregate at the eighth annual PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 12 at 12:30 pm Pacific, which will be livestreamed on Twitch, YouTube, and other major streaming platforms.

I’ve seen the list of games appearing at this year’s show—there are over 45—and the titles alone have my curiosity buzzing. Just a few of them: Arma 4, Sam Barlow’s Immortality, mod project Half-Life: Alyx – Levitation, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, and Victoria 3. I can’t share many other specifics, but I’m happy to report that “tactical” appears twice in the list, and there are two games whose titles are presently unknown: one from Klei Entertainment and another from 11 Bit Studios. Mysterious!