Tula Presents dDSF Technology at Future Diesel Powertrain Summit in Shanghai

  Tula Presents dDSF Technology at Future Diesel Powertrain Summit in Shanghai

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- September 22, 2020

Tula Technology, Inc., a tech leader in improving propulsion efficiency and
reducing emissions in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, announced its
participation and presentation on its diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSF™)
technology at the 4^th Future Diesel Powertrain Summit China 2020 on September
24-25, 2020 in Shanghai, China. Dr. Ian Ren, China Business Development, will
present “Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire Optimally Reduces Both NO[x] and CO[2]
Simultaneously” at 3:55 p.m. China Standard Time on Friday, September 25. In
addition to providing an overview of dDSF technology, the presentation will
address the Cummins-Tula 15L Heavy-Duty dDSF Project as well as the FEV-Tula
2.3L dDSF Simulation Project.

As demonstrated through rigorous testing, Tula’s dDSF technology reduces
tailpipe NO[x] emissions by up to 66% while also reducing CO[2 ]emissions by
up to 4%. Importantly, dDSF is able to combine improved tailpipe emissions
while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption, thus combining two critical
objectives that have previously competed against each other.

dDSF technology enables manufacturers of commercial vehicles to meet the
increasingly stringent emissions regulations in China. “We’re thrilled to
present at the 4^th Future Diesel Powertrain Summit in Shanghai and to work
with commercial vehicle manufacturers to reduce NO[x] and CO[2] emissions to
ensure compliance with tighter restrictions and to reduce the environmental
impact of commercial trucks. We believe that dDSF is the most cost-effective
solution to increase efficiency and reduce emissions,” said R. Scott Bailey,
president and CEO of Tula Technology.

About Tula Technology, Inc.

Silicon Valley-based Tula Technology provides innovative award-winning
software controls to optimize propulsion efficiency and emissions across the
mobility spectrum, including gasoline-powered, diesel, alternative fuel,
hybrid, and electric vehicles. Tula’s culture of innovation has resulted in
breakthrough technology and a robust global patent portfolio of 160+ patents
and another 130+ patents pending. Tula Technology is a privately held company
backed by Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Khosla Ventures, GM Ventures,
Delphi Technologies, and Franklin Templeton. More information is available at

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